Brandon Marshall to host his third annual free youth camp.

Denver Broncos inside linebacker and a few of his friends will be rolling out the red carpet this Saturday. The stars will be youths in the Denver area who are open to not only learning about football, but also how faith, hard work, dedication, perseverance, integrity, honesty and respect are pillars of being a responsible leader.

6BD2E689-5469-47EF-98D6-E104CD6B7FCABrandon also works tirelessly in the community and with local area law enforcement during both the season and off-season, to invoke social change and various children related causes and mentoring; including work through his foundation, the Williams-Marshall Cares Leadership Program.

The vision of the Williams-Marshall Cares Program is to see that every child in America becomes a future leader based on seven core principles of: faith, hard work, dedication, perseverance, integrity, honesty and respect. The Program is designed to encourage boys and girls age 14 -18 living in Nevada and Colorado to be responsible leaders through acts of service and dedication to their education, goals and new experiences.

Most recently, hosted his first Brandon Marshall’s Night of Love & Laughter event, where almost $15,000 was raised to help foster this mentoring of youth.

Marshall’s many off the field accompliments:
Received the 2017 Alumni of Color Courage Award from Harvard
Received 2017 Leadership and Legacy Chairman’s Award
Voted by his teammates as the co-recipient of the 2015 Ed Block Courage Award after coming back from a foot injury to post his second consecutive 100-plus tackle season.
Selected by the local media as the recipient of the Darrent Williams Good Guy Award in 2015, given annually to the Bronco who best exemplifies Williams’ enthusiasm, cooperation and honesty while dealing with members of the press.

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