Dear Denver media, did you know there are 87 other players who aren’t a QB? May we have more news, please?

It seems as if this team is made up of just quarterbacks and no other position based on Denver’s radio, print, and blogosphere. Guess what? The Broncos can have 90 players and, as of right now, only three throw the ball. Amazing, right?

Don’t know about all y’all, but I’m starving for something more meaty than what’s being dished up in Denver, so here’s a running lists of questions. Feel free to steal some, please

There are these guys called offensive linemen, they protect the passer and also block for a running back. The one in the middle, he hikes the ball to the guys you love/hate to talk about 24/7.

Here’s some knowledge it seems you may not know. The hiker, called the Center, also is the leader of the OL and he can change plays, plus has his own set of language the other OL listen to. Questions for them: does Matt Paradis stay? He’s kind of small in this power gap line. Does J.J. Dielman replace him? What’s the plan for Austin Schlottman?

Beside him are these guys, called Guards; next to them are ones called Tackles. These three positions make up the OL and we’ve had problems here for years.

Believe it or not, there are questions about which players will start where. Does the guy who played right guard last season, Ron Leary, move to left guard?

Does Jared Veldheer stay healthy and make a huge difference over Manelik Watson? Does Watson even make the team, despite the encouraging words from Elway and Joseph?

What happens with Max Garcia? And what about Sam Jones, Conor McGovern, Cyrus Kouandjio, Elijah Wilkinson and Billy Turner? Do we keep 10 OL?

We’ve got questions about Tight End, as well. Tight Ends are big guys who are too slow to be a Wide Receiver, but usually can catch and are expected to be blockers like OL. What happens with Jeff Heuerman? Do we keep four TE’s on the roster? Do we bring in a vet like Antonio Gates? Heuerman and Austin Traylor are the only ones that saw snaps since Jake Butt and Troy Fumagali have no NFL experience. Troy and Jake should be good ones to watch because both can catch, and Fumagali had lots of blocking experience in college.

Then there’s Wide Receiver, who are the guys who catch the ball. Our corps has another set of questions. Emmanuel Sanders (Diva E) has serious competition for his spot. Courtland Sutton needs work on his route running before he starts, but DaeSean Hamilton and Carlos Henderson are gunning to knock Diva E off. Does Jordan Taylor have what it takes after double hip surgery to keep Sutton at bay? Can Isaiah McKenzie win his job back? And then what about River Cracraft? How many WR’s they keep might depend on TE. Do they stick with 3 TE and 5 WR?

Which then brings us to Running Back. Those are the guys who run with the ball, but sometimes also catch short little passes. In case you didn’t know Denver media, they’re usually built like fireplugs with thick legs. Does Devontae Booker become the starter, or is Royce Freeman the target? What about Lindsey and David Williams? Will they knock off Henderson? Doubtful we keep 5 RB’s because it’ll take away for WR and TE numbers. Not to mention, we saw what happened last season. (look up Jamaal Charles)

On defense, what’s the deal with Defensive End Adam Gotsis? Will DeMarcus Walker or Shelby Harris be his replacement? What about Derek Wolfe? Who do they see as his back-up/third down guy? Do the base packages have Linebacker Von Miller play next to Walker or Chubb? Have young guns next to Domata Peko and vets on the outside? Where does Clinton MacDonald fit in?

Do they keep both Shane Ray and Shaq Barrett? Jeff Holland was a surprise pick-up who could surprise many, does he knock out one of them?

What happens with Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis with Josey Jewell, Su’a Cravens and Zaire Anderson also in the mix?

Does Safety Will Parks get the ax because he hasn’t separated himself from Jamal Carter? Someone needs to be the heir apparent for Darian Stewart. Plus, does Trey Marshall push them and Dymonte Thomas? Yes, I’m a FSU homer, but DB Seminoles have a way of shining in the NFL.

That’s 30 or so questions, without even bringing up Special Teams and coaching which has a slew of its own dilemmas. 30 some topics on items that have zip to do with 12, 4 and 6. Don’t know about y’all, but I’d like to hear about that. Football is a team sport and without addressing the 21 other positions (not including ST), we don’t have a team, we have boring quarterback talk every. waking. second. zzz

On behalf of Broncos Country, could you move on? Thanks.


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