Isaac Yiadom just made Tom McMahon’s night, “I am dying to be on the field to play special teams every single snap.”

To close out the second night, Denver closed it like the first, with a defensive player. CD Isaac Yiadom from Boston College was selected with the 99th pick, in round three. If you’re curious about his name, “It is ‘Yeah-dom.’ The ‘i’ is silent.”

Yiadom was on the North team which was coached by the Broncos, “I was so grateful to be able to be coached by coach ‘M-Rob’ (DB coach Marcus Robertson) and coach Joseph on the defensive side of the ball. I got better every single day. They helped me with little things like my stance and my technique. Every day I saw getting better and competing.”

Justin Simmons is a fellow BCU player, but one who weathered a lot of adversity in his time there. “That is my big brother. At B.C., all of the young DBs, we all looked up to Justin. It was always the next man in line. Justin set the bar high. Then it was John Johnson. Now, it is me, Kamrin Moore and Gabe [McClary]. We all look up to Justin and he paved the way for us.”

Yiadom racked up 22 passes defended and 110 total tackled. What was a good reason why? “I think my speed. I can run at corner. There are other things I can do too. I take pride in special teams that is something I will always give 110 percent on. I am dying to be on the field to play special teams every single snap.”

Yiadom is joining The No Fly Zone, he weighed in with his thoughts on that vaunted unit, “Those are all great players. I am just trying to come in to compete and learn a little something from each player in the secondary and to get better every day.”

He gave his thoughts on what area may need some work, “There is a lot of stuff I can improve on in order to be the best. I would say just making sure I catch the ball when it is thrown to me. That is something I have been working on tremendously. I am pretty confident about that side of my game.”

Was he surprised the Broncos were interested in him?

“Surprisingly, not really. When they were coaching me, I took every single tip they gave me and ran off with it. I am more than thankful and more than happy to be playing with a coaching staff I am familiar with. I am surrounding myself with great teammates so I am happy.”

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