Yes! John Elway nails his round one pick. Quarterbacks beware of the Astronaut. VonNaut is coming for you.

John Elway stood firm and drafted the best player on the board with Bradley Chubb. He’s no joke. A mauler and bruiser who brings fear, Denver just got a bookend for Von Miller. The addition of Bradley will help Von because they won’t be able to double team him anymore. This is a huge get. Huge.

This also brings into question what is going on with Adam Gotsis and Shane Ray. I won’t say more than Elway could be doubtful his law trouble is simple.

As far as Shane, I believe they were waiting to see how the draft falls before deciding to pick up his fifth year or not. Brad can play up or down, like DeMarcus Ware, so it does make one wonder.

Since Elway made sure to include Ray, this could mean he’s safe this season from a trade. I hope so.

Chubb on being drafted:

“I see myself doing my thing. I’m excited to get to work with guys like Von and Shane, We have to make sure that we have the most dangerous pass rush in the NFL. I’m looking forward to the opportunity and I can’t wait.”

On his nickname ‘The Astronaut’

“It was my brother and his favorite rapper is Future. Future calls himself ‘Astronaut’ and my brother started calling himself one. He called me Astronaut Jr., and it just took off from there. We just kept using it. It started out as a little joke and it ended up being a name we called ourselves.”

It was brought up that Chubb wouldn’t be taken because Denver hadn’t been brought in for a visit; however, when you’re a top pick, and squeaky clean, teams don’t need to clear anything up. Denver rarely drafts players they bring in. Chubb shows it to be true.

“I met with them one time at the combine and we didn’t really talk about my fit. We looked at some of my plays from the season and I was running them through what I did and what my responsibility was and all of that. It was a surprise, but I’m thrilled to be there because like I said, I’m ready to do my thing.”

Chubb manages to be assertive without being arrogant about starting week one.

“I expect to come in and contribute right away. If that’s starting or coming off the sideline, I’m going to contribute either way. The end goal for me is definitely for me to be a starter. Like I said, I’m ready to contribute in any way I can.”

His family cried, Von yelled in happiness and I danced. Joy in Broncos Country!

“I had the phone on the table. I didn’t even have to look at it and I saw a Denver number pop up and I was like, ‘This is it.’ It was just a great moment with all of my family as I was on the phone. It was a great moment and a lot of emotions came out. Mom and Dad started crying and I tried to hold it together.”

On if he’s versatile enough to play along the defensive line and stand up in a 3-4 scheme

“Yes, if you watch the film from last year I did it a lot. I stood up a lot and I was in three-point stance a lot. I’m used to both things and I’m ready to see where I fit.”

Enjoy Broncos Country.

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