Why a quarterback won’t be drafted by John Elway.

Here it is, Draft Day, and there is still so much speculation on who the Denver Broncos will be picking this year.  Could be a guard, a cornerback, a defensive end, or a running back…or even a quarterback.  While that last option is who a lot of Broncos Country wants drafted, there are some very logical reasons why John Elway doesn’t do that.

If you draft a QB at 5, you should put all your time and effort into developing him. Getting him as many reps with the ones as you can. The plan is to give him as much playing time in the season as possible (like 4th Q’s), with the goal to start him around week 8. You can hope he’s ready sooner, but the bottom line is, the last thing you want is for him to be splitting reps three or four ways.

The fact that so many teams took the scrubs, and scrubs of scrubs, plus signed almost every one of them to over 4.5M contracts, tells me Elway could’ve moved Paxton Lynch or even Chad Kelly. When a guy with two starts gets a 10M contract, it’s not illogical to think Elway could have found a suitable trade partner had he wanted to.

He’s holding on to Lynch for one of two reasons:

One is, this is a reboot year. They’re going to do what they should’ve done and didn’t in his rookie season. Keenum is Sanchez and they’ll be working on getting Lynch as many reps as they can, getting him prepared to go. It’s no secret now that they wanted him starting a few weeks into last season, but the injuries barred everything. The scouting of QBs goes to get a team to trade with them and shows fans they did their due diligence, but decided none were an upgrade over what they have now. Or…

Two is, they’re holding on to him just in case they don’t get the QB they want at 5. If that’s the case, it’s dumb and an epic hose move. Dumb because if they’re going to hose PL and themselves (holding on to PL loses value every week) for that must have QB, then you move up. And if you move up, you trade him months ago.

There’s no gamesmanship to be had by keeping three QBs if the thought is Elway wants to dupe teams into thinking he wants a QB so he can trade back. Removing Lynch would be the surest way to do that, not keeping him.

If Lynch is a thought to start this season, then why draft? Plus, if Case is really the guy, or a bridge for a rookie, then why not trade Lynch? You just can’t have a rookie and Lynch. There’s no good reason to keep both, especially with Chad still there. All it does is stunt everyone. Plus, pitting them against each other in a three way competition with Keenum would show they learned nothing from the recent years.

Elway would have to be the biggest jerk of all time to have this kid keep taking hate, have his teammates dump on him for months, knocking himself out learning the playbook and working out every day, just to trade him to some team as the third string guy and have another new HC, OC, playbook, scheme and only two months to learn.

Remember, John helped set Brock up in Houston and put Trevor on a championship caliber team. To think he wouldn’t do that for another of his draft picks would seem out of character. IF you say you believe in a guy, you don’t hose him.

Unless he goes to NE, I’m going to say Elway isn’t that cold and, therefore, can see him taking the best player at 5. An impact player, a term that both Matt Russell and Vance Joseph have used. Or some great trade for 5.

Finally, Elway needs to hit the first round. A player who will see action week one, not a QB who’s red-shirted, one with only a 33% chance or less of being a success. He can’t afford any more misses, he’s now bottom of the heap when it comes to drafting and playing and keeping his picks.

Not to mention, if Vance Joseph is on the hot seat, a rookie’s odds of succeeding tanks if he’s looking at another coaching change. Add that to the slew of new offensive coaches this season and a new QB coach, chances aren’t great he’s the touchdown Elway and Co must have.  Will Elway make the logical choice in NOT drafting a QB with the 5th pick? The answer is only hours away.

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