Hopefully, Denver drafts players as happy to be a Broncos as Su’A Cravens.

One of the things John Elway has been preaching since he took over as VP is having players on the team that WANT to be on the team. These are the type of players that bring energy to the team, the ones that keep everyone’s heads up when the team loses six straight games.

Safety Su’A Cravens was recently signed and, upon hearing, posted a video of him nearly crying while playing “A Whole New World” in the background.

“It was organic. I woke up to about 20 missed calls and had a feeling what they were for. Once I found out exactly what it was, I was that happy. I just felt like I needed to express myself and let everybody know I was glad to be coming here.”

This the type of hype and love we want to see from every player brought home. Cravens spoke very highly of the defense he joined during his introductory interview with the media:

“If you love football and you like to watch a defense that flies around, then you watch the Broncos. From what I’ve seen last year and years prior to that, they play hard. Everybody flies to the ball but it seems like everybody has fun. I want to be a part of an atmosphere that’s energetic and guys that just want to win no matter how they get it done. I feel like that’s what they have here.”

While it’s great to have a player that wants to be where he is, It helps a player confidence when the team also wants the player. This was a huge reason Cravens decided that Denver would be the right choice. Wanted him is a modest way of putting it. When your name is called during the draft, you can bet Elway will be the voice on the other end of the phone. Hopefully, that guy will be just as star-struck. Cravens was contacted by the man, John Elway, himself and Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller.

“It was crazy. John actually went to high school with my uncle at Granada Hills [High School]. My dad was telling me that I should tell him that story, but when he called me I actually got so star-struck that I was just like, (stumbling sound). It was good; it was a surreal feeling. I not only got a call from him but got a text from Von Miller, so it was a good day.”

Nobody blames you Su’A, those are some big names! Going through something like he did so early in a career adds a level of maturity above those with similar experience. Injury for any athlete is extremely difficult to overcome, not just physically but mentally as well. Cravens was no different.

Cravens is clearly the type of player who will mesh well with the No Fly Zone. His energy and enthusiasm alone can prove to be beneficial to his growth as a professional, especially while being aided by some of the best in the business. This move to Denver is a fresh start for his career, and has potential to be great. He’ll also have great mentors and maybe help a rookie himself.

Any defensive player that gets that call, should be as excited, awestruck and thankful to land with the greatest NFL team, ever as Cravens.


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