Why drafting Quenton Nelson wouldn’t be the sexy pick, but he could be the perfect choice.

Full confession: I don’t like the idea of taking another offensive lineman as our first drafted. I’d like Saquon Barkley if he’s there, or Bradley Chubb, DerWIN James, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Tremaine Edmunds…smack you in your face guys.

Not to mention, we already do have guards, plus there are a few good ones that can be had further down like Will Hernandez, Austin Corbett and Brian O’Neill. Drafting a guard at 5 seems like a luxury when our defense can’t stop a TE, plus we need big help at RB, TE and WR positions. Not to mention, most of all we need a RT.

Truth is, outside of quarterback, any of the top ten players are can’t miss players, and most likely week one starters. However, being sold on a guard is a tough pill to swallow. Like being given a salad when you want an artery clogging steak.  But don’t take just my word for it…read Nelson’s own words, and THEN take my words:

“I want to dominate my opponents and take their will away to play the game by each play, and finishing them past the whistle. You have guys dominating the NFL right now in Aaron Donald, Geno Atkins, Fletcher Cox that have been working on interior guys. You need guys to stop them. I’m one of those guys.”

  1. The worst unit we have is the OL. Adding Nelson to our weakest link, helps the entire team.
  2. Our defense is already stacked. We have plenty of guys who can terrorize QBs, but not many to stop those who do.
  3. While it would help Garett Bolles to have Ron Leary move back to left guard and mentor Bolles and hopefully stop all the flags, I’m not so sure this would be the best idea. When the best LG in over a decade enters the draft, it may be best to just leave him be. Plus, as much as Menelik Watson struggled, it may be best to keep Leary next to him. Which leads to the next point.
  4. Good guards can play the A and B gap well, forcing rushers to the outside. When a tackle knows he’s got a good G next to him, he can focus more on protecting the edge. Hallelujah! Nelson, by being better than Max Garcia and Allen Barbre, could end up helping both tackles.
  5. Continuing from this, the guards help establish the pocket, so if the tackle is weak, he has some protection between he and the edge rusher.
  6. Regardless of who starts behind center, none are in the best position to make plays behind a porous OL. We don’t have Peyton Manning who covered a lot of warts, and since our offensive line has been bad for six years, having an OL give them half a chance would be helpful.
  7. Nelson said he’s a nasty player, believes he’s also good at run blocking and since the run game helps the passing game, it’s a win-win.
  8. Finally, the more time the QB has to throw, the better the chance to score. Plus, more time on the field, less wearing out our defense. Based on our defense complaining for about three years on having to carry the load, providing the QB with time and a run game; therefore, a rest for our already good defense, is another win-win for the entire team.

Yes, there were a few games last season that our defense was flat out embarrassed and blown away; however, I chalk that up to bad coaching more than anything. They gave up because the offense wasn’t delivering. Crappy coaching allows that mindset. We’re only going to give 100% if the QB and/or offense does its job is BS of the highest magnitude.

Nelson isn’t going to change that, but maybe he’ll help the QB enough that they cheat. By cheat, I mean, win enough that the cancerous thought process that was allowed to run through Denver is mitigated.

Deep breath. If Nelson gives this offense the shot in the arm it needs to look like a functioning unit and gets us over the hump, bring him on.

Yes, he’s that good and worth a 5th!

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