John Elway offered his thoughts on new QB Case “Keesum” today and dropped a hint or two for the draft and free agency.

Yes, in a little snafu that Elway is lovingly (by us fans) known for, former QB and current GM for your Denver Broncos introduced their big free agent signing of the year, as “Case Keesum”.  A simple mistake and an honest one… at least he didn’t start it out by thanking himself this time!

The Broncos staff dug deep when it came to brining in another QB, “We went through the whole process. We looked at everybody that was available, as did the coaches…We did as much digging as we could possibly do to find out about them as people. There is also mentality. When it came to all of that and all of the homework that we did, Case was our guy. There is a special fit for everybody.”

The head coach and head scout personally knowing him was a big boost for Case as well.  At the end of the day, though, “When we all came to it, Case was the guy that we wanted.”

(Just ignore the fact they tried to trade the Bills for Tyrod Taylor before picking him, but didn’t want to give up a third.)

One other point that Elway made regarding the pursuit of Case Keenum is it actually began 2 seasons ago, after the retirement of Peyton Manning.  “I think there was some interest two years ago, and it was coming after Peyton had retired. We had Trevor as well as Paxton in his first year. We thought they’d get experience there, but we had interest in Case back then. I think it was more the fact that the Rams didn’t want to let him go because we wanted him and were trying to get something done. We couldn’t get it done.”

Just one thing though, Sanchez was brought in before Lynch was drafted. But, lets imagine how things may have been different with Keenum as the bridge QB instead of Mark Sanchez. I dare say, Siemian wouldn’t have ever played a game because Gary had his guy in Keenun.

It was clear from Elway’s comments that last year’s success was the key to deciding between Case and other free agent QBs, but recognizes how dependent Case was on the team around him.  “I think it’s our job to give him the best opportunities to be successful. He had good people around him in Minnesota. We plan on getting good people around him here. We feel like we are off to a good start there.”

Elway continued that the team needs to get better and, “The responsibility is going to be on the offense. We want to get better on the offensive side. But by no means are we going to allow the defense to walk either. They had good numbers statistically, but we were 21st in points [allowed]. For us to get back to where we want to get back to, everybody has to be responsible for what their job is. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching staff, personnel, everybody—that is what we’re getting in him.”

One more thing that Elway wants to change is the locker room mentality, which he claims to have gotten started by re-signing LB Todd Davis, and signing FA CB Tramaine Brock.  “We’re really excited about those signings. We really think Tramaine is a tremendous third corner for us. He had a great year a couple years ago. We still think he can play at a very high level. Todd Davis is the middle of that defense. We’ll rely on him to be him. A big part of that is the leadership side of it. That was as much of his playing ability, but also the leadership qualities that Todd brings on that side of the ball and the physicality that he plays with. We feel like we’re off to a great start on the way to where we need to get.”

Another position of need that has not been addressed in free agency is the right tackle spot.  During his press conference before this year’s Combine, Elway assured us all that Menelik Watson would be back and healthy to retain that spot, but today shed a little darkness there.  When asked specifically about finding a right tackle now, Elway said “We’re looking everywhere. We’re turning over every rock. The thing is we might have to do it free agency, but also knowing that we have 10 picks. We’ve got a high one and a two. We’ve got two threes, two fours and three fives. We’ll do the best we can in free agency and try to fit everything in. We’ll try and put that together knowing that we also have the draft.”

Signing Keenum doesn’t mean the end for Paxton Lynch, but it likely signals what they’ll do with the fifth pick in the draft this year.  “Paxton is still young. We still have high hopes for Paxton. He’s a young guy that is talented. He’s been here for two years and had a tough year last year with the injuries and everything, but we still have high hopes for Paxton to come in here and compete and continue to grow as a quarterback. That is the expectation for Paxton. We have a lot of opportunities at five now…Once we get into our draft meetings the first of April, than we’ll start looking at all of the different ways we could possibly go there.”

Then, things turned ugly, as Elway threatened the life of a journalist, Denver’s Jeff Legwold after asking if the Broncos would select a guard with their 1st seletction: “I can’t tell you that, Jeff, I’d have to kill you.” LOL

So, welcome a new QB to Denver, Broncos Country.  Case Keenum is here, wearing number 4 in your programs, and will be ready and raring to go come the opening of training camp.  GO BRONCOS!

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