Remember the Chris Clark trade to the Houston Texans? There’s a lesson there, read why.

When the Houston Texans were featured in, Hard Knocks, in one episode John Elway is on speaker phone with their general manager, Rick Smith discussing trading Chris Clark for a draft pick. This means the cameraman, producer, video guys and no doubt at least a dozen other people knew this trade was happening, just in the HBO office, alone. Not including how many in Houston and Denver.

Did you hear a single rumor before this happened? Anything out in social media? All these people knew, dozens and not a peep. Tell me how so many knew and not a leak? Were there any rumors or “reports” about Kansas City trading Alex Smith to the Redskins until after the handshake? No. Why am I bringing this up?

The Browns and Broncos wouldn’t be allowing social media to know they were in trade talks for the first pick. People reporting it are guessing it and don’t ever have to prove it.

This is the same for Kirk Cousins saying what he wants in a contract. This is never done. His agent wouldn’t allow it and numbers aren’t allowed to be discussed, yet. If this was leaked, that’s a big red flag. Either protocol was broken or there’s a trust issue in McCartney’s office or with Kirk’s inner circle.

Who’s is in the actual running for Kirk or making trades for players/draft spots is pure speculation. If it sounds good, it gains legs. And it gain legs through clicks. If a fan base loves a story, more clicks and all the media picks it up. The words, Plan, maybe, rumor, reports, too turn into, “ares”, in the media. Rarely do real leaks actually occur and when they do, 99% of the time, a person was given the go ahead by the team to “leak” it.

If Denver is unintentially leaking this badly, that talks they’re having with other teams is real, it’s time the Broncos clean house. Set up a fake story and find the mole.

In the meantime, ask yourself, how many clicks do you give for what you hope happens and ignore what you don’t? No clicks, mean stories die, sometimes even true ones. You read what you like, and since the media is now in the business of giving the people what they want, not necessarily what’s true, it hinders real journalism.

Want to stop seeing so many false stories? Stop reading them and ask, why is this out there? Does is really seem true that trade talks or contracts would be out there that Joe Blow blogger knows about them? Just think about Clark and Smith…

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