Could Klint Kubiak’s taste decide who’s in the quarterback room?

Had a thought. The fate of what Elway does for the quarterback position going forward, whether in house, draft or free agent, could be up to one man’s opinion as the deciding “vote”.

It’s time for the Broncos to decide what brand of gin to put in their QB martini. It just may be up to Klint Kubiak if they use Beefeater (Rosen) , Seagram’s (Mayfield), Bombay (Allen), Hendricks (Lynch) or maybe Monkey 47 Schwarzwald (Cousins). What fits their taste and budget?

Elway didn’t draft Lynch without Gary Kubiak’s ok. He’d have been in on the interviews at the combine and in house, and if he had said “NO”, Elway would’ve listened. He let him dump Brock, as the contract extended to him was pure show. Remember, GK wanted to bring in Tyrod, and no contract was offered to Brock Osweiler that whole summer or season while he sat. That had to have been Gary’s influence.

Anyway, Lynch is a guy they both agreed on. But, GK just didn’t have the health or flexibility, same for Rico, to work on PL. So, they went with Trevor Siemian. Maybe the plan was for Gary to return in 2017 and switch to Lynch, but he refused to fire his staff and give up play calling, and that was that.

He went ahead and kept Siemian in during the Raiders game because he assumed he needed the exposure for a trade elsewhere as Lynch would be the next starter. What he might not have seen coming was a first time head coach and a new OC with such a complicated play book, that NO one got it, and had to be changed twice.

Moving on…One person has been there watching everything, and that is Klint Kubiak, the quarterbacks coach and offensive assistant. He’d know exactly what kind of progress PL has made. He’d know what his dad wanted. He would know more than anyone if real strides had been made. With Gary back in the house, his opinion could hold more weight than anyone. The difference between removing or keeping (in any capacity) number twelve.

Not to mention, Klint was obviously also up close to Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen, too. He would know if one of these guys seemed to have upside over Lynch. To compare Allen most especially to Lynch.  He doesn’t have data on Kirk Cousins, but he sure does on the other three.

There’s another touchy topic to bring up, and that’s matters of faith and personality involved with these players.  Gary and Klint are men of deep convictions, and if you paid attention to the drafts Gary’s two years in Denver, you’d have noticed a common theme: religious quotes all over their twitter accounts. Plus, overall, his picks and free agent signings were/are good guys.

No doubt we’re going to be seeing a lot of crosses and religious references pop up from this year’s draft crop because agents will want them to portray a faith and family demeanor. It doesn’t matter if you may think that’s hogwash, but agents do suggest it to potential picks, and it does matter to most teams.

The question is, how much weight will Rosen’s outspoken and sometimes inflammatory remarks and actions matter to the Kubiaks, Elway and Joe Ellis? Based on all four being republicans and Vance Joseph seeming to lean that way, as well, one wonders.

Then there’s Baker Mayfield, whose past behavior shouldn’t matter since Elway drafted Chad Kelly; however, it’s very unlikely he ever had any intention of making him a starter, his past is 100 times worse.

Finally, we have Josh Allen. Clearly the best fit from a good guy, big guy, definitely matches what the Kubiaks like to see in their selections; truly the “boy next door”. All one needs to do is take a stroll through these three, as well as Lynch’s, social media accounts to see the big swing between Rosen on one end and Lynch on the other. A very stark contrast. And remember, Lynch had the third highest completions in the entire NCAA; that really shouldn’t be overlooked.

Add some vermouth, the questions above and the gin Klint likes, give it a shake, and let’s see what pours out. Bottoms up!


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