Super Bowl LII: He Said, She Said.

With the the last game of the 2017-2018 NFL season starting in a few hours, it’s time to do one more prediction. The entire season has lead to this moment.


New England* Vs Philadelphia

Jules: This really should say, New England*, Refs* vs Philadelphia. I think in a fair fight, the Eagles would win and Baylor explains all the whys. As we saw in the Jags game, one whistle, one bad call, can flip the script for the Pats* in a blink of an eye. Because this is most likely Brady’s last SB due to his age and a new OC and DC next season, it’s tough to believe the refs* will see infractions the same way. This makes the game more difficult for Philly. I wish them luck, they’re going to need it. If the refs leave their bias behind, I say the Eagles.

Baylor: Philadelphia: The last time the Pats* played a high power offense full of weapons in a Super Bowl, they found themselves down 28-3. As we all know too well, they were able to overcome the deficit to pull off one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports.

However, this time things will be different. There will be no Edelman to make a ridiculously lucky grab to keep NE* in it, the Eagles defense is far superior to that of the Atlanta Falcons of last year, and the Philly offense (in my opinion) is a better match for the NE defense this year.

Despite not having their starting QB, the only thing the Eagles need to run their high intensity offense efficiently, is a QB that is at the very least, average. They have much more than that as Nick Foles has shown us all his post-season.

Finding the right rhythm and playing with the stress of a Super Bowl is the only thing that I can see being a true issue for the Eagles. The Patriots are so used to playing in World Championships, they don’t have the same nerves in the key positions. To overcome this, the Eagles defense need to stress out Brady. Everyone throughout the playoffs have said the way to beat Brady starts with pressure from the front seven. Tom doesn’t like when people get in his face.

That being said, Brady is known for tormenting linemen and linebackers alike with his ridiculous release time. To stop this, the Eagles secondary needs to give their front 3-4 seconds of coverage to allow the pressure to penetrate the O Line and get to Brady.

While there’s now way to truly know how this game is going to go, I’ve got my money on the underdog story here. And it has absolutely nothing to do with my burning hatred of the Patriots….okay, maybe just a little.

Thank you all so much for reading “He Said, She Said” and season, and continue to follow the Denver Broncos Zone for all of your Denver Broncos offseason news!

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