Elway said one thing, but his actions may be pointing elsewhere.

At DBZ, we try to give views and opinions that you won’t find coming out of the group think in Denver. Ideas outside their box, different ways to look at football and moves the Denver Broncos make, or don’t make. We’re often controversial because we don’t conform. This is one of those pieces.

If we review what Elway has said and weigh them against what’s been done, one could draw two different conclusions.

He says he wants to upgrade the QB position. He’s going to evaluate Paxton Lynch, look at Free Agency, and the draft.

Combine them asking to coach both Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen, two QBs as opposite as Lynch and Siemian, drafting seems like a strong possibility. However, every source says Kirk Cousins. Either way, no one really adds Lynch in there.

Let’s go over the hiring that has taken place. First, I wrote an article a while back that Chris Strausser was brought in to work with the young guys and he could be the difference on the OL. Since he was kept and Davidson removed, but he’s tasked with tackles, it shows they like what he did with Garett Bolles. It could also indicate they want to draft an OT when you add in their other hire.

Tackles taken outside the first round aren’t usually starters year one, so this could hint at them taking an OL first, hence the extra coaches.

In addition, our run game wasn’t awful. Our OL actually did a good job at blocking for it, minus right tackle. If we bring in a veteran OT, do we still need a special coach for two guys? For a franchise that has lost money for two years, they got awfully spendy with these new hires. Plus, based on contracts, I’d guess ate some money with those firings.

The next hire that makes one go “hmm” is Sullivan. Two things that jump to mind is a) that’s kind of an overkill (and money) for a QB like Smith or Cousins who many believe are all we need to win the SB this season. And b) the real kicker is why bring in another OC and keep Musgrave?

If you want a rookie, a rookie says, “we’re rebuilding.” Based on firing most coaches, it sure says they’re burning the whole thing down. So, why keep Bill Musgrave? Pay him and Sullivan? It’s not like our offense has an identity we don’t want to mess with. We’d need to change everything for a rookie (or a veteran), so continuity goes out the window.

Keeping Bill says we want to keep his scheme and playbook, the new hires will need to fit into what Musgrave wants and his history. Which is a combo of West Coast Offense with some shotgun and hurry-up. Power blocking.

So, here we are. Elway has made moves like he’s setting up for a rookie, but not all the way. Drafting a new OL and keeping Musgrave signals he may split the difference. Who is almost a rookie and if he were to start needs the same OC, scheme and playbook more than anything to succeed? Continuity. Who could benefit with a QB coach with lots of experience? A stout OL? Better WRs and RB production?

The moves Elway has made in coaching, with the corresponding money spent, doesn’t really shout expensive free agent. Why would a vet need Sullivan, two OL coaches? And since he’s coming from a different team, continuity means nothing. So, why keep Musgrave? Make Sullivan the OC and bring in a cheaper QB coach, one that vet may suggest? If you’re redoing the coaching staff, why not hold off a bit? That QB can’t even go over scheme or anything until May. Why was he hired so quickly?

When the Rams hired Sean McVay they asked Jared Goff what he thought. Why wouldn’t Denver want to ask an expensive vet what he would like? Not to mention, Sullivan comes from a spread offense. Smith and Cousins don’t. They are on WCO themed teams.

Continuity sure doesn’t mean squat to the rest of the team who is going to have to learn all new things to fit the new QB. Add in some new guys on the roster and Musgrave and Sullivan are some heavy hitters to have.

Now, all these moves fit Lynch. He keeps his OC, scheme, playbook. He gets more spread, but they use his legs. He’s the combo guy. The team that remains, has chemistry with him. Yes, they have new positions coaches, but they don’t affect him.

The current players get upgraded coaching, a better OL and now that QB position has been upgraded. Siemian isn’t the starter, Lynch has better coaching, stability and the tools around him are ungraded, which upgrade him, which upgrade them.

Elway never said he was upgrading the QB, he said he was upgrading the position. Semantics matter. Am I right? We won’t know for a while. Could I be way off base and Elway just did this because they were the best coaches for hire and there was no ultimate plan? Yes. Would a rookie or vet benefit? Yes. Are they most logical for a new guy? No. Do they make the most sense if they roll with Lynch? Yes. One thing is certain, the table has been set.

Watch below. No, he wasn’t playing against their top stars, but that doesn’t take away from accurate passes, the ability to run a hurry-up, reading the field, changing plays, and coming back after errors. Not to mention, our defense threw that game.

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