Dear John, (and Vance)

The Navy is all about leadership.  Everything they do, from mission readiness to creating leaders, all stems from it. Lesson number one: Never disparage your command or its sailors outside the command. You can complain inside, but to the rest of the Navy, and the world, everything is perfect. Everything. Is. Perfect.

Any Commander who allows discontent to slip out isn’t doing a good job. His ship is loose. When a Commanding Officer walks up the brow (gangplank) he is god. His word is LAW. He sets the tone and the set of standards every member must obey. They all have the same mission, row together. If you have a crew rowing in different directions or not in synch, you’re either stalled out or going in circles.

It also says your Command Master Chief isn’t doing his job, either. While the CO sets the tone, it’s up to the CMC to make sure the troops follow through.

A command is only as strong as its weakest link; therefore, every link must do its best to build another up.

Why do I bring this up? The Broncos organization has failed in doing this simple task. Whether you dislike Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, or Brock Osweiler, any or all of them, the message allowed coming out of Dove Valley is concerning. Concerning because it shows there is a problem at the top.

In 2016, when Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and CJ Anderson, plus a couple of defensive players, bad mouthed Siemian, I threw the BS flag. Many fans said, good, he deserved that. I wasn’t a fan of his play as many know; however, I thought then, as I do now, seal those lips. It’s not a good look and helps nothing. It also reflects poorly on the coaching.

QBs aren’t stupid; they know their mistakes, where they need to improve, and they have coaches who will tell them in private if they don’t know. Teammates airing dirty laundry helps no one. It shows they are all about themselves. Like children, blame others so no one blames you.

How does this help? Do you as a person feel better about yourself because you told the media you need a different QB? “Hey, world, not my fault!” Or do you look better as a person and a teammate by staying silent or trying to buoy the other guy up? The coaches know how you feel, why do you have the need to throw your teammates under the bus? As a franchise, why do you allow it?

When John Elway himself gives a presser saying they’re looking everywhere, they need to upgrade the position, it’s not tough to see where the sentiment is coming from. Or that it’s been allowed for two years.

A good commander would’ve said, only after being asked, “We have a stable of quarterbacks we’re happy with. They were given new coaches, a new scheme and a playbook. There were injuries along the OL, plus rotating players. Injuries to receivers and tight ends. Not ideal situations for any of them. Addressing roster depth across the board will be a priority.”

“Would we look at Free Agency to beef up that room? Possibly. We’re drafting in the fifth spot. Would we look at a QB? Possibly, but our offense as a whole, needs upgrading, so we’ll be looking at all positions.” That’s how you address this. You talk up your players, while not saying what you’re going to do. I would not signal out one position and only say it needs upgrading. I may have missed it, but I’d say RT and TE sure need an upgrade. Somebody to stop tight ends would also be nice.

Then, you make highlight reels of the best throws each of the QBs made and get them out there. Put them in front of the camera and have them talk about their season. Now you’ve got something to sell to other teams and as an organization, it looks like you back your players. Just because you don’t throw your quarterbacks under the bus, doesn’t mean you don’t trade or cut them. You can say one thing and do another.

You show the world you will champion every player on your roster. What you do inside your franchise is your business only.

The message to the rest of team is, we got your back. The same for any quarterback you want to bring in. Hey, we’re a well run franchise, we’re all for one, one for all and if you falter, we’ve got your six. In addition, we’ll put out a memo to the team that no bad talking will be accepted. The guy who gets the ax next, could be you, so do you want your fellow defensive players calling you out for allowing touchdowns?

Good leaders want to help weaker links, good Commanders demand it.

Joe Ellis said the franchise had gotten complacent. He was right. It’s complacent to think only the QB position needs upgrading. We are not the 2012 Broncos or 2017 Jaguars.

Speaking of which, when Bortles threw five interceptions, the team stayed mum. Does anyone believe Tom Coughlin would allow his players to tell the world they want another? Or during the season?! He’d most likely say, this is your QB, take it or leave.

There is nothing good about allowing your players to tear their teammates down, instead of promoting that they build each other up. It is a leadership fail. It begins at the top and rolls down.

Dear John, and Vance, is that the message you want reflecting on this franchise? It’s acceptable and professional to tell the world, and allow the players to tell the world, you don’t want current players on your roster? Would Pat Bowlen agree?

This franchise isn’t going to be fixed with one player. It needs some Musketeers at the top and Dear John, and Vance, it needs to begin with you.

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