Thoughts and Feelings with Baylor

Now that the 2017-2018 season is officially over, it is time for me to break the silence on the disaster that was the Denver Broncos’ campaign. With issues ranging from coaching to performance, there is so much to talk about, but I will try to limit myself or you might be here reading for days.

To start, I was over the moon with the decision to bring McCoy back to Denver. What he was able to do for our offense while he was here, pre-Chargers, gave me so much optimism for what was to come with our mediocre offense. However, his inability to morph his offense into a system that was supportive and beneficial to his signal caller ultimately lead to an offense of disastrous proportions. While I still am a fan of McCoy for what he did for both us and the Chargers, he rightfully lost his job.

While on the topic of coaching, I find that I have a very unpopular opinion on the Broncos’ head coach Vance Joseph. I believe a head coach (especially in their first season as a HC) deserves at least two seasons to prove themselves. This being said, I am a supporter of the decision to retain VJ as the head coach. The players seem to really connect with him. This could prove beneficial in the long run.

Sticking with the unpopular opinion department, I am a supporter of Trevor Siemian. In his first year as a starter, Trevor was able to post a 2:1 TD:INT ratio and throw for mid-3000 yards. Remember he missed two games in his 2015-2016 season. Despite my undying support for Siemian, the decision to bench him against the Chiefs came too late. Trevor, for his own sake, should have been benched prior to the first matchup against the AFC West champions. His lack of confidence was showing in the games prior. Unless the Broncos have Aaron Rodgers under center, the signal caller did not matter due to the lack of proficiency from a depleted offensive line. As for Trevor’s future in the NFL, I have no idea.

In the popular opinion category, I agree that Paxton Lynch needs to be a permanent practice squad member or to be removed from the Broncos roster as a whole. Whether you blame the Denver front office, coaching, or his individual talent/ work ethic, nobody in their right mind can say that Lynch is the future of this team. At this point, whether his growth was stunted or sabotaged, Paxton is not an NFL caliber Quarter Back.

Moving on from beating the dead horse that is the troubles of the 2017 Broncos, There are a number of things that can be done to fix what was a feared organization in the NFL was once. The biggest two issues the Broncos face this off season are a broken offense and cap room. There is no way Denver can create a dangerous offense without sacrificing pieces of its league leading defense. I am talking about Aqib Talib. As much as I love and respect Talib, logistically the Broncos cannot pay Roby, Harris and Talib. The most logical step is to remove the oldest of the bunch. Talib is a top tier Corner who will undoubtedly be payed handsomely elsewhere, but it just doesn’t make sense for the Broncos to hold on to him. With the third string Bradly Roby using this season as an exhibition of his talent and walking into a large pay raise, Talib is seeming like an unnecessary cap hit.

The second adjustment the Broncos can make to help ensure this team takes the next step to long term contention is find a franchise quarter back. Denver is in a very crucial stage where they can either return to the top of the power rankings, or find themselves as a Browns-like bottom feeder. Finding a long term solution to QB could be the bump in the right direction Denver needs. The prime candidate for this would be Kirk Cousins. Despite a rough 2017 season, the Broncos remain an attractive place for any player. Kirk has lead a weaponless team to contention on his own for multiple years. Give him top class receivers like DT and Emmanuel Sanders and we may be talking about a scary offense. The biggest argument against Cousins is the money. However, a franchise QB now days will cost a team 25-30 million per year, so why not pick one that has proven himself as a contender?

The last thing the Denver Broncos need to do as an organization to put the Broncos back in the championship conversation is not mess up this year’s draft. A top five pick (especially this year) cannot be assigned a value. The importance of building the future of the franchise needs to be of utmost importance. We are not in a championship window, so do not draft for now, draft for the future.

As much as I’d love to continue to talk about this train wreck of a season, I think I’ve made my points.

I’d like to thank my lovely editor Jules for giving me the opportunity to write about our team, and hope everyone has the best 2018 ever. Continue to follow the DBZ for all of your Denver Broncos Off-season news and happenings as well as news from around the NFL this post season!

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