Monday Musings: Firing Vance Joseph isn’t as easy as you think. Here’s why.

I wrote this a few weeks ago, when it was being discussed to replace Vance Joseph mid-season. Nothing has changed except I changed some tenses and added in drafting a QB.

  • The first obvious reason is no franchise can succeed with four head coaches in eight years. As I’ve been writing and tweeting for months, CONTINUITY matters. Right now, it appears Elway made a bad choice in hiring Vance; however, sending him packing after one season could make things worse. Chaos is terrible.
  • Coaches want to play guys they drafted or established veterans. You keep rotating coaches and some players don’t get developed correctly, or at all. This leads to wasted draft picks. Our defensive coaching staff has been together for three years now, but on offense, minus Studesville, it’s been changing every couple years. A new HC will want to change it, again. You can bet on that.
  • Want to hurt chemistry, especially on an OL and between a QB and his receivers? Keep changing schemes and coaches.


  • Which leads to quarterbacks. New and “old”. It takes at least 24 starts to see what a QB really has. An established vet is an easy hire…on paper. When Peyton Manning was hired, he brought 14 years and a SB of experience with him. He came to a team with a top five defense and an offense with a good OL, TE, RB and WR. Pat Bowlen was still in charge. There was a strong foundation in the building. Plus, he was given carte blanche to run the offensive how he wanted.

Someone like Kurt Cousins lacks all of that and the gravitas to make a new head coach and his offensive staff do what he wants. Nor does he have the history to show he can. So, a vet stepping into a system already in place with some sort of cohesion from the year before would help him.

Then we have a potential draft pick. That guy will be walking into chaos and Denver having zero experience at developing any guy they’ve drafted. Just the opposite. It’s like the QB killer destination, unless you’re Elway. How much new can a rookie handle? Especially if he isn’t one of the hand full of guys who come from a pro-style offense. Three months to learn a new scheme, playbook, run a huddle, be under center and with new coaches? That guy will be Lynch last season (only with a HC that wants him).

Which brings us to him. If Elway is still wanting to see Lynch play and I believe he does, swapping doesn’t help Lynch, either. Three head coaches, five OC’s, four schemes and four QB coaches in three years is the death warrant for any QB. With that said, we need a new QB coach, Klint Kubiak has zero qualifications for the job. Zero. Go look up who Goff, Wentz, Bortles have this year. You’ll see why they’ve done well.

Denver has done everything wrong when it comes to what helps a quarterback. However, in the whacky world of Denver fans, somehow Lynch has become public enemy #1 even though he wasn’t the one losing 15 times in two years. This feels like when you mess up, but blame others.  Changing the entire offense, again will hurt everyone.

  • Whether it’s a vet, a draft pick or Lynch, there is no upside to changing coaches even one as dismal as Joseph because no strong HC is going to come in and agree to keeping almost everything the same. Plus, the locker room likes Vance. I personally think that’s a bad thing. Players should respect their HC, not be his pal. Like parents.

Elway had a conundrum. Remove a coach the players love, burn down the offense, again (which is what he did this year) and do a complete rebuild from the ground up, from coaching staff to quarterbacks, catchers and OL and know it’ll take about two to three years OR he keeps Vance and makes small tweaks.

Broncos Country has shown no patience for choice A, which is why Elway is rolling with choice B.

However, he better find some tools for the quarterback to throw to, protect him and hire a QB coach for some experience.


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