As the miserable 2017 season comes to a close, Baylor and I give our predictions

If we get half right, it’ll be a good day. Many of these games will be like trying to pick who wins a week four preseason game when most starters don’t even dress. Only a handful of games will have both teams in a week eight mode. Teams in green mean a win helps them either secure a PO spot or move up in the seeding. Teams in grey are out of the POs or a win doesn’t change their seeding.

1:00 Games

GB 7-8 @ DET 8-7 FOX

Jules: Detroit doesn’t have a run game, their HC is iffy on a job and their defense isn’t good. GB has a rookie QB. Who knows, who cares? Coin flip says Lions.

Baylor:Detroit. It’s in Detroit.

HOU 4-11 @ IND 3-12 CBS

Jules: why not just have both teams concede and take tie? I’ll go with Indy because Brissett is playing for a job.

Baylor: Indianapolis: Game is in Indy.

CHI 5-10 @ MIN 12-3 FOX

Jules: MN

Baylor: Minnesota: Irrelevant team vs a Super Bowl contender…

NYJ 5-10 @ NE* 12-3 CBS

Jules: NE* wants home field advantage all through the PO’s, so they will go all out. They’ve never gone to a SB without it. Ever.

Baylor: New England: I really want the jets to win this, but its at Gillet.

WAS 7-8 @ NYG 2-13 FOX

Jules: Seeipusly doubt the Giants have the will to win, while Cousins is playing for a Brinks truck.

Baylor: Washington: Captain Kirk vs pathetic excuse for a team.

DAL 8-7 @ PHI 13-2 FOX

Jules: Since Philly has zero to play for, Dallas.

Baylor: Dallas: Philly isn’t playing for much. Dallas will be trying to save some face.

CLE 0-15 @ PIT 12-3 CBS

Jules: Pitt, it’s Cleveland. Enough said.

Baylor: Pittsburgh: Even without Ben, Lev Bell, or AB, Steelers will Destroy the Browns.

4:25 Games

CAR 11-4 @ ATL 9-6 FOX

Jules: this is tough. The Panthers are coming on strong, but Atlanta’s defense is finding its legs and the key to beating Cam is making him throw from the pocket. If the Falcons can pressure him and keep him contained they can win.

Baylor: Carolina. Finally a worth while game. Carolina needs to be win this as a confidence win going into the post season.

KC 9-6 @ DEN 5-10 CBS

Jules: The only reason I’m picking Denver is because I think they’ll want to get CJ and DT their 1,000 yards. Otherwise, I don’t trust Vance to give Lynch a decent game plan to win, the guy basically said, don’t throw, just run. What an idiot.

Baylor: Denver: DO IT FOR CJ AND DT

JAX 10-5 @ TEN 8-7 CBS

Jules: Doug Marrone has said he’s going to play to win even though a win changes nothing in their seeding. Titans defense has been questionable and Bortles is #1 in RZ production: 18-0 TD-INT. Jags need to stop the run and game over.

Baylor: Jacksonville: Jags are trying to prove something, that and Tennessee is overrated.

SF 5-10 @ LAR 11-4 FOX

Jules: Wade Phillips’ defense has a chance to show they’re legit by stopping the pass. While Jimmy G is the flavor of the month, he’ll need a run game, something LA has faltered at stopping. Meanwhile, SF is in the same boat, they will need to stop Gurley. LA wins. If not, they’re one and done in the POs.

Baylor: LA: Jimmy has been throwing together some inspiring games, however the Rams are the number 1 scoring offense in league and their D is no joke. I cannot see Jimmy g putting up at least 35 points to give his team a shot.

BUF 8-7 @ MIA 6-9 CBS

Jules: eh. Who wants to watch this game? I’ll go home team.

Baylor: Buffalo.

OAK 6-9 @ LAC 8-7 CBS

Jules: LA. Oakland won’t care if they win or lose, and they don’t know if JDR will either.

Baylor: LA: Desperately want LA to come out on top. They’re the better team and should prevail.

ARI 7-8 @ SEA 9-6 FOX

Jules: as awful as Seattle has looked, not sure Arizona will put up a fight and they don’t have a QB.

Seattle: Seattle: In Century-link.

NO 11-4 @ TB 4-11 FOX

Jules: Koetter now knows he will be retuning, but their defense is still in a shambles, you can’t have only one play maker. Jameis is healed up and his stats show it, but he’ll only be playing for fun and lacks a run game. NO.

Baylor: New Orleans: The Saint are raw and Tampa has nothing to play for.

CIN 6-9 @ BAL 9-6 CBS

Jules: I’d love Cincy to be the spoiler, but the Ravens’ defense is no joke. Dalton would have to be good Andy for a shot and I doubt they care. It’s play the back-ups, time.

Baylor: Baltimore: I just don’t like Cincy this year.

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