Von Miller sees honesty as key to future success.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. When the Broncos line up on Sunday vs the Chiefs, they will be doing so against their opponent’s backup quarterback. Denver has nothing to play for, as they are out of the playoff picture, while KC has locked up a playoff spot.

Linebacker Von Miller doesn’t care about which quarterback his team is facing. “I’m not eager playing the second guy. He is the guy of the future though. It’s good to go play against him for the future. You just want the circumstances to be a totally different. You would like for this game to mean more than what it means. You would like for all of their starters to play. That’s what you would like. I would like a lot of different stuff to happen in 2017. It didn’t really go as planned. You just have to keep it moving.”

Heading into the 2018 offseason, Miller wants to mostly start fresh, but also keep his leadership abilities at a high. “We would like to have a lot more wins in the win column and a lot less losses. What I take from there is just the resilience that we had win or loss or whatever it may be. The type of leader I was this year, the type of locker room that we had, I would like to keep that the same. I would take that with me in 2018. Everything else, they can have that (laughing).”

Miller is an honest guy. The Broncos need to have somebody to tell them what they need to hear, even when they don’t want to hear it. There have been many occasions this season where Miller’s honesty could be used; such as, towards the offense and their struggles, and special teams. It’s obvious that Miller’s leadership shouldn’t just be used on his side of the ball. “I love to tell people uncomfortable stuff. I love keeping it brutally honest. That’s one of my best characteristics. I love keeping it brutally honest with not only my teammates, but my family. I just like keeping it real. Maybe it’s just the little sick feeling I get from telling people the truth. People tell me the truth. I like to tell other people the truth. I see it as the truth. My profession is all about the truth. What you put out on the football field is what it is. You can’t sugar coat that. That’s what I like to do. I feel like over time, if the rookies develop that same mindset, we will be a hell of a team to beat in the future.”

While Denver has nothing to play for, Miller’s leadership will always be a crucial part of the Denver Broncos. He will use his skills in every way possible for as long as he is with the team. Hopefully that will translate into greater success down the road.

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