C.J. Anderson: “I’m in my prime years and it sucks to waste one.”

The 2017 season has not gone as planned for the Broncos. They’re 5-10 through 15 games, and have been blown out in plenty of them. Something to look forward to, however, is the chance for running back C.J. Anderson eclipsing 1,000 yards rushing. The Broncos runner talked about what it would mean to get to the milestone.

“A lot. Some people forget I had knee surgery last year. I had surgery last year, so coming away with 1,000 for this season coming off of knee surgery I think is an accomplished and successful season. Staying healthy, that helps too. We have one game to do it, I know the big boys want me to get it and we want to get it. I think that’s a positive in our season. Hopefully at the same time—we know the Chiefs, they’re going to play man-to-man. Hopefully we can find a way to get ‘D.T.’ (WR Demaryius Thomas) his sixth straight (1,000-yard receiving season) too.”

Anderson acknowledged that the idea of 1,000 yards hasn’t been brought up by the guys blocking for him up front. “It’s just unspoken. I think it’s just the right way to play the game. We all have jobs. My job is first downs and touchdowns. Their job is to block the guy in front of them and create running lanes for us. I think if we all do our job accordingly, we’ll be fine.”

On a personal level, it has been quite a season for Anderson, nearing the 1,000 yard mark, considering his season-ending injury he suffered last year and the rehab he has had to go through. Anderson has ridden a stationary bicycle to help him improve. “I think the Colts game was where it paid off the most. I think I had like four to six carries in a row and felt fine. The good thing with that is I get to start that this year. I didn’t have to wait until my knee re-cleared to start that.”

After the season ends, Anderson plans on getting back on the bike and begin training sooner rather than later. As for his mileage on the bike? He has a number in mind. “Yes, I want to ride anywhere between that 85-100 [mile] range one time. I think starting earlier on a bike will get my conditioning going sooner and faster. I think I came in OTAs in some of the best shape that I’ve been in and that’s something that I want to do going into next year.”

Not only does Anderson plan on riding the bike, he said he also has been doing some boxing activities, something that has the potential to make him stronger. He is confident that the combination will allow him to improve and come back better than ever.

Anderson is one of the biggest leaders on the Broncos offense. You can always see his energy showing. It has been a rough year for the 2017 Broncos, but he is excited about the possibility of being one of the best runners in the entire NFL. “I think I’m peaking at the right time. I think it helps. I’ll be 27 in February. I think that helps. I’m in my prime years and it sucks to waste one. I’m in my prime years of my career and this career gives you a short window. I have an opportunity to hopefully put myself in some special places that I wanted to be when I first told myself I wanted to play in this league. I’ll give myself all the opportunity and we’ll just see where it lays.”

C.J. has just one more game to surpass 1,000 yards. He is currently at 946, which means he will need to pull off a solid game on Sunday, December 31, against the Kansas City Chiefs, to accomplish the feat.

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