Von Miller excited about sixth 10-sack year but,”I don’t really try to focus on that stuff.”

Von Miller is in the holiday spirit. The 7th-year linebacker told Denver media today that he bought some mattress “Chilipads” for his Broncos teammates. “I just like doing things for my teammates. It just makes me feel good, selfishly… I thought some of my guys, especially the offensive linemen that really conduct a lot of body heat in the bed, could use it. I was looking out for my guys.”

It’s been a rough year (to say the least) for the Broncos, but Miller insists on staying positive through the rough times, that includes the eight-game losing streak. “Just the approach that I have on my job and my role here with the Denver Broncos. That’s what I can control. I can control my attitude and my energy. You can come up here every day and say positive things, but you just really have to have that energy about you. That’s what I really try to focus on, no matter what the score is, who we’ve played last week or who we’re facing this week. I just try to be consistent. I’ve learned that because I’ve had great examples of consistency from the leaders that we’ve had here before. I try to replicate that.”

Miller has played with some great players, and through the frustrating times this season has brought, he’s asked himself how certain former teammates would handle the struggles. “I say to myself all the time, what would DeMarcus [Ware] say? What would Peyton say? What would Tim Tebow do right now or Brian Dawkins say? It’s just an imprint that they left behind on me and I’m just trying to pay it forward.”

Despite the Broncos’ struggles, Miller is nearing his sixth 10-sack season. “It’s dope. It’s kind of scary because it shows me that I’ve been in the league a long time. It’s been a long time. I don’t really try to focus on that stuff. If it was the sixth time I lead the NFL in sacks, I’d be doing back-flips right now. It’s different. You just have to stay even kill and come to work and grind it out.”

The players are frustrated. The coaches are frustrated. The fans are, too. Miller acknowledges that the way to lower the frustration is to win a game. “You really can’t control it. You really can’t control any of that stuff. But, what we can control is the way that we play on Sunday. If we go out there and get a win, I’m sure that will sway some of the fans right there… It’s been a tough season for Denver.”

Von May be Denver’s best player but he still receives criticism from fans on social media. “I get it every day on Twitter and on my Instagram…I get it every day.”

The Broncos square off against the New York Jets this weekend. They will look to unleash their frustrations and get a win.

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