Trevor Siemian, “I have to improve. Hopefully, I do.”

Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian is moving on from the Dolphins game pretty fast. After a short study session on the latest Broncos defeat, and in the words of a coach I shall not name, they’re on to The New York Jets. “For a day. I looked at it a couple times for a day. Then I started watching some New York stuff pretty quickly.”

Siemian took some licks last week, “I’m alright. I’ve only played the last two weeks, so I’m fine. I know there are a bunch of guys that are way more beat up than I am. It’s just at that point in the season where guys have some dings here and there.”

I won’t sugar-coat it: The Broncos offense has been bad, especially at the quarterback position. When asked if he had idea why, “It’s a little bit of everything, just kind of out of sync at times. It’s kind of how I would describe it. The times I haven’t played well, there hasn’t been a real rhythm with me and that trickles all the way through the offense. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s been that kind of year it feels like.”

Siemian says that his mistakes aren’t just due to one thing and not because he’s been pushing. “It’s just the way it’s played out. It’s one thing here and one thing there. We stall out or we don’t make it happen. Then you’re saying, hey, I have to make this thing go. That’s when bad things happen. It’s good to learn from, no doubt.”

Denver’s offensive line was supposed to be a bright spot, with the additions of Ronald Leary, Garett Bolles, and Allen Barbre. That hasn’t been the case, though. Siemian has taken more than his fair share of hits. Not all the blame is on them though. He needs to get rid of the ball faster and stop dropping back to South America to help his tackles which in turn would lesson the number of hits.

“I’m good. It happens. If you look around the league, you see quarterbacks take their licks. I feel like I’ve taken my fair share, no doubt. It’s all on me. I’ve been reckless with the ball at times. I’ve made some bad throws. I can own up to that. I have to improve. Hopefully, I do.”

Siemian gets the start on Sunday against the Jets, who have a tough defense. Hopefully, he cleans up his game and Denver gets their first win in ten weeks.

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