AFC Playoff Seeding entering Week 14

Division Champions

Entering week 14 the Pittsburgh Steelers still own the #1 seed by having a better SOV(Strength of Victory) than the New England Patriots since their 10-2 overall and 7-2 AFC records are identical. The two teams square off in week 15, to help decide Home-Field Advantage throughout the playoffs.

The AFC South Champion is currently the Tennessee Titans, they own a head-to-head win over their divisional rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars and square off in week 17 which might be for the AFC South Championship so that game could easily be flexed into the Sunday Night game of the week. The Titans are currently the 3rd seed.

Kansas City, even with their free-fall still sits atop the AFC West. They have a better division record at 2-1 while LA/Oakland come in at 2-2. They are currently seeded 4th.

Wild Card Teams

Jacksonville at 8-4 is currently the 5th seed and Baltimore at 7-5 are currently the 6th seed.

Wild Card Weekend Match ups (as of now)


#6 Baltimore would travel to #3 Tennessee and #5 Jacksonville would travel to #4 Kansas City.

#1 Pittsburgh currently has home-field advantage and #2 New England owns a bye.


#6 Carolina 8-4 would travel to #3 Los Angeles 9-3 and #5 Seattle 8-4 would travel to #4 New Orleans 9-3

#1 Minnesota 10-2 currently owns a SOV tie-breaker over #2 Minnesota also 10-2, as they both are also 8-1 in the NFC for home-field advantage.


While the “NFL” hasn’t officially eliminated the Broncos from wild-card contention let’s look at some facts.

At 3-9, even if they win out by going 4-0, and become 7-9, they:

  • Cannot win the AFC West
  • Cannot catch/pass New England who has 10 wins
  • Cannot catch/pass Pittsburgh who has 10 wins
  • Cannot catch/pass Tennessee who has 8 wins
  • Cannot catch/pass Jacksonville who has 8 wins
  • Cannot pass Baltimore who already has 7 wins. (Baltimore would own a Common Games tie-breaker should they both finish 7-9 on the season).
  • Including the AFC West Champ there are 6 teams that the Broncos can’t pass in a 2-team tie.

After some editing with,¬† there is a scenario where if Denver, Baltimore, Buffalo, Houston, Los Angeles, Kansas City, all finish 5-7, with the correct collection of wins and losses where the Broncos sneak into the playoffs, but don’t get your hopes up. It takes into consideration the 0-12 Browns beating both the Ravens & Steelers.

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