Denver needs a do over and it starts with a SOB.

Over the last three years, I’ve made a lot of people angry. The truth hurts and people like to lash out at what inflicts pain…shoot the messenger. Joe Ellis and John Elway need to listen to some truth.

You’re screwing up the franchise.

Mr. Ellis, you need to sell the team. This co-parenting thing you and Elway are doing isn’t working. Your tug-of-war is hurting the kids. You two need an intervention and an arbitrator. Mr. Ellis, you need to stay out of the football side of things. We know quarterbacks affect the bottom line, so you want a say; however, your choice has had the opposite result. There is no easy fix. When you draft a quarterback, he’s going to fail, that’s how he learns: through mistakes.

Mr. Elway, stash the ego. This team needs a tough, sumbitch coach who doesn’t care about fluff. He’s not the players friend, he’s there to win. Winning takes toughness. You hired a soft coach. Worse yet, one you thought would follow your orders. He didn’t. He thumbed his nose at you as did Kubiak when he played Siemian against Oakland.

You have two choices: hire a head coach who follows your orders or hire one who’s given carte blanche of the team. You can’t have both. That guy must be a SOB, no matter which way you go. But you two, and the OC, whomever that’ll be, need to be 100% lockstep on quarterback. It’s quite clear that hasn’t been the case for two seasons and the team has suffered because of it.

Elway, if you’re the one drafting the offense, hire someone else to do it. If it’s not you, fire him or them. And stop drafting guys who are hurt. Having to wait a year to even see how they are in the pros is wasting picks. Plus, the FA hirings on offense have been less than.

Look at our Offense. Demaryius Thomas, because of incessant injuries, isn’t the guy. Emmanuel Sanders has checked out. He said he doesn’t know what to play for anymore. The rest of the receiving corps has no stud, not even a gelding. I love Tyke, but is it him or your choices?

When Virgil Green makes a catch, we’re shocked. We’re not sure what Heuerman or Traylor look like. We used a draft pick in a trade for Derby and he’s gone, meanwhile, the second TE you drafted with an ACL, sits. The jury is out on Geep since you’ve not had a good TE since Julius Thomas.

It’s time to remove Studesville. We’ve not had a good run game since he’s been here. At some point, that’s on him. He’s either telling you to draft the wrong guys and/or he can’t develop them.

The OL. 2012 was the last time it was good. Not great, but good. Stop buying second tier tackles. Keep Davidson and Strausser. They seem to be good coaches getting the most of the talent. Let them show you who to draft.

Quarterback. You’ve got two choices here. Actually go all in behind Lynch and show you don’t suck at drafting, or trade him and show you do. Admit defeat and let your OC draft who he will go all in on. No more quarterback competition. There’s only one way for a QB to get better and that’s dedicated reps with his first string guys. All of them. Plus, that guy needs to know the team is his. This car is his to own, not a rental. It builds confidence, which helps leadership.

Finally, if Ellis refuses to sell the team, y’all need to find a way to work together, again. It’s clear, from the messaging coming out of Dove Valley, once best in the biz in PR, isn’t being allowed to do their jobs. Vance hasn’t been muzzled all season and that goes back to the top.

A head coach shouldn’t be friends with the media, he should give out as little as possible, never give any indication of where his thoughts lie. Every player is yours. They’re your kids. You don’t talk poorly about your kids. You handle things inside. The better head coaches all deal with the media pretty much the same way.

I don’t know the dynamics of the odd choice of keeping both Siemian and Lynch, but you hurt them and the team. Had Siemian been traded, the team would’ve gotten a mid round draft pick, plus he’d been given a fresh shot elsewhere, not been humiliated. Not to mention, Lynch would’ve been given first round reps. He’d have started and we’d know where we are. A triple failure on your part. That kind of decision making is troublesome.

I’ve had my sob, a couple of them watching this team implode. It’s now time for a SOB to run it. From an owner to a head coach. For you, Ellis and Elway, get your crap together and kiss and make up or part ways. What you’re doing is hurting the Family. Stop it.


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