Week 13,will it be lucky or a curse? She vs He game predictions.

Baylor Bradac predicted 12, I got 10 because my longshots were, long. We will always get one wrong because even when our guts say pick against Denver, our hearts won’t. This is the week where some teams, like ours, could be eliminated from the POs, some know they’re done even if  some scenarios keep them in it, and some will just dial it in. A few, will play their guts out for a shot, anyway. This is when picking can be tricky. Knowing who’s really in it, who just want to be a spoiler and who wants to roll over.

MIN 9-2 @ ATL 7-4 1:00 FOX

Baylor: Minnesota: They are on fire. The Falcons have been about as inconsistent as the amount of chips in a Lays bag. This should be a good game but the Vikes have continued to come up big when it matters… and this game matters.

Jules: This is going to be a heck of a game. The falcons finally seem to have gotten it going and Freeman will back, but they’ll be without Trufant. My mind says MN. Reckless me, wants ATL.

NE* 9-2 @ BUF 6-5 1:00 CBS

Baylor: Buffalo: The Bills are very capable of winning this game, especially at home. They have to win this game to stay in the playoff race. The additive of it being against a division rival, who historically doesn’t play as well in Buffalo, should just be extra incentive. Calling a high scoring one here.

Jules: NE* because the Bills offense isn’t very good and their defense keeps letting teams run against them.

SF 1-10 @ CHI 3-8 1:00 CBS

Baylor: Chicago: Even with Jimmy G starting, the Niners are awful this season, and the Bears, while they aren’t much better, actually have a Defense. And Defense wins championships… and garbage games no one cares about.

Jules: No doubt this will be another L in my column, but a SF win won’t change their draft order and Jimmy could make a difference because the Bears don’t have film on him.

TB 4-7 @ GB 5-6 1:00 FOX

Baylor: Green Bay: I really don’t like picking the Pack against anyone without Rodgers, but I just don’t see Ryan Fitz rolling into Lambo and lighting it up like a Christmas tree. Low scoring snoozer game that’ll fall in the home teams favor.

Jules: Jaboo is back. Will he be rusty is the question. I think if he’s not, he and Brate could do some damage in the Bay. Can also see McCoy getting to Hundley. I should check the temp though, if it’s really cold, I say GB.

HOU 4-7 @ TEN 7-4 1:00 CBS

Baylor: Tennessee: The Titans have their quarterback and half of their defense isn’t on IR. Houston has been a disgrace under Tom Savage, and I expect the same Sunday.

Jules: I’m going to pick TN and hope I’m wrong, that somehow Savage channels that one good game every mediocre QB seems to find once or maybe twice a year. I want the Titans to lose, but picking them for a W.

DEN 3-8 @ MIA 4-7 1:00 FOX

Baylor: Denver: Like Jules said, no matter how much the football logic side of my brain says to pick against them, I’m can’t steer away from my heart. Also I do like this match up. Miami has some brilliant receivers, but lack the QB skill to get the ball there consistently. This game should allow the Denver Defense to finally make some much needed turnover. Also Trevor is playing again, so that’s a plus.

Jules: there is no excuse not to win. Miami’s secondary is so very raw, they should be easy pickings. Whichever turnover prone of the two quarterbacks does it less, wins. Trev just needs to play simple ball, when he tries to do too much, is when he fails. Cutler, do your thing, hand Denver the W.

KC 6-5 @ NYJ 4-7 1:00 CBS

Baylor: Kansas City: This week is face saving time for the Chiefs. Their 1-5 record since their league leading 5-0 start can be described best as a dumpster fire. If the Chiefs (clearly a better team) cannot put away the Jets, I think it’s safe to say their 5-0 start was a fluke.

Jules: KC needs its OL to show up. They’re not run blocking or pass protecting, so Hunt has disappeared. Kelce needs to get his Ronald McDonald gloves to work and Hill needs better route running. Give Smith a chance to make plays. KC D though is so, so bad. My gut says KC, but it has indigestion.

IND 3-8 @ JAX 7-4 1:00 CBS

Baylor: Jacksonville: We currently live in a world where The Jags are 3 above .500, the Broncos are a 3 win team at the 3/4 mark, and the Eagles are 10-1. The NFL is weird this year, but I like it. I have found it very fun watching Jacksonville play some good ball. I expect to see the same from them this week at home against a struggling Colts team.

Jules: my kid will be there in the USO section (Go Navy!) wearing his Fournette jersey and teal Jaguars Santa hat, please don’t break his heart, Bortles. Jax has a tradition of saying, Move those Chains, Move those Chains, Move! after first downs. Son says he was the only one saying it last home game which shows the fans now in the seats, are newbies. Hopefully, the few dedicated ones get to say it often.

DET 6-5 @ BAL 6-5 1:00 FOX

Baylor: Detroit: It seems every time I pick the Lions to win they lose, and when I pick the Ravens to lose they win. I’m going to do it again, but wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong. The Lions, in my mind, are a much better team, who has the potential to compete with and beat any team in the league… if they show up.

Jules: This will be a good game. Detroit needs a run game and Baltimore has a great defense, but their offense is pitiful. I, too, keep picking the same way. So, to be contrary, will pick the Ravens, even though I like the Lions much better.

CLE 0-11 @ LAC 5-6 4:05 CBS

Baylor: Los Angeles: Chargers are hot right now and are looking to keep pace with Kansas City. Lucky for them they’re playing the worst team of the decade on Sunday.

Jules: the only way LA loses is if they dial it in, Rivers doesn’t play and neither do Bosa and Ingram.

NYG 2-9 @ OAK 5-6 4:25 FOX

Baylor: New York: They beat Denver and KC… why not the Raiders too. Giants have been playing well against the AFC West and were able to put away the best we had to offer last week. That and you never know what Oakland team will show up each week.

Jules: Can NYG continue to only beat AFCW teams? I say no. Mack vs Geno Smith and Marshawn against their DL, plus Oakland needs a win, whereas NYG are in evaluation mode, equals a W for the nasty Raiders.

CAR 8-3 @ NO 8-3 4:25 FOX

Baylor: New Orleans: Two 8-3 Teams trying to prove they can compete with the likes of Minnesota and Philly. I’m going with the home team. 8-1 in their last nine games, the Saints are really trying to get Drew a second ring. This one should be a great game.

Jules: should be a good game, but one I don’t care who wins. I think NO defense wins against Newton although did see the wunderkid is banged up.

LAR 8-3 @ ARI 5-6 4:25 FOX

Baylor: Los Angeles: The Rams are looking solid this season and are playing a beat up team. While the Cards always put up a fight (especially at home), the Rams are just too good right now.

Jules: Rams. Arizona has a hurt AP which is good for LAR because stopping the run is their weakness. I wonder if that is a Wade thing? Denver couldn’t either with him.

PHI 10-1 @ SEA 7-4 8:30 NBC

Baylor: Philadelphia: The Eagles are fantastic. Seattle’s Defense is in shambles and their inconsistency in big games leaves me to wonder if they’ll make it past the wild card round.

Jules: Eagles. Seattle’s Offense is Wilson and I saw Graham is beat up. And you’re right about the inconsistency which goes back to Russ. He misses on easy and makes impossible.

PIT 9-2 @ CIN 5-6 8:30 Monday NBC

Baylor: Pittsburgh: The Steelers have been on a mission to prove they’re top dogs in the AFC. The Bengals are nothing special this season, but the Pitt-Cincy rivalry is one of the best in league. These games are always super physical and typically close. Fun Monday night game.

Jules: Looks like Pitt will be without Brown, but I don’t think it’ll matter. Cincy just doesn’t have enough weapons to counter the Steelers, who do.

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