Shooting the Bull, A + J. The fins and screw the tank.

Andrew Kannely and I debate the points of the game and for once, we are in lock step on every point. It only took 13 weeks 🙂

Jules: This game is either the end of the road or a lifeline. Of course, it could also be a bandage on an artery bleed. Holds for a bit, but in the end, not nearly enough. Miami is in the same boat as us, last place in their division, needs a win to keep alive and a lot of pieces to fall in place. We will either see a good game of two opponents kicking and screaming until the end, or a pillow fight.

Andrew: I don’t really know what to expect. I see this game going one of two ways. The first (my preference), is that we come out and beat the Dolphins with an easy win, Cutler does what he does best and throws a pick in the end zone and our offense looks like the offense we had vs the Cowboys. The second, is that the game is close, but Cutler and Julius come back to bite us in the ass. As a player, you always want to come back and play well vs your former team. Let’s hope our defense stands tall.

Jules: Well, Miami secondary’s is pretty bad, so Trev sure has a chance. I know that in the fourth quarter last week, Oakland defense was just dialing it in; however, the two minute worked. Musgrave should come out using that, especially since Miami has raw CBs. Give Siemian and the offense a chance from the jump instead of waiting. While it’s “fall” in Florida, it’s 70% humidity and if he waits to go hurry up, our guys will wilt.

Andrew: That’s the way Siemian plays best and defenses aren’t as good at responding with good play calls when you’re running play after play in a hurry up. It’s seems a good way to throw a defense off and Siemian seemed much more comfortable. He plays much better when he thinks less.

Jules: The irony, the smart guy does better when he doesn’t think. While you’re not a Booker fan, I am and he should be used as a weapon. He and Siemian can use the play action and get something going. Same with Charles.

Andrew: I don’t have anything against Booker I just feel he’s too small to play in 3rd and short situations and when we are inside the five yard line. I’ve said many times he’s great with a little more open field. I hold my breath every time Charles gets the ball. Can’t stand a player that fumbles.

Jules: I meant those two as backfield receivers. Booker and JC have soft hands. Book showed that last week on that, should’ve been TD, catch. Miami allowed NE* to run all over them, we need to do that.

Andrew: I agree, I just want to see more of a CJ and Booker duo than a Booker and Charles duo. I do have a special place for CJ. That kid has so much heart and passion and I know he strives to do better each week.

Jules: Here’s the bad news: Suh+hates the pocket Trev+New RG/RT duo=bad combo. Suh got after Brady*, often. One time, he was airborne, ahaha and ahahaha. However, TB* started using that against Suh and used the pocket to outwit him. Trevor can’t do that, so Musgrave will need to call a bunch of quick passes, but lots of run, otherwise, you’ll be seeing Osweiler, who you think is better anyway.

Andrew: Again, I think there’s some confusion on my Siemian/Osweiler opinion. I actually think Siemian is a better, but his confidence was shot and we needed a spark. Oz was that spark I had hoped would do something, it didn’t. I’m praying that our new right side of the line shocks us. I’m sick of thinking it can’t get much worse, and then it does. Let’s hope that ends this week.

Jules: Duly noted on TS/BO. Miami basically has three weapons, Drake who’s eh, Stills and Landry. Although, they could surprise us with another, but their offense is as bad as ours. The one thing they may have going for them is having Pek and Wolfe out, could give them a run game, we saw what Oakland did. If that’s the case, it could cut down on the Cutler errors and that’s not good. He’s a hit or miss guy.

Andrew: I don’t think Drake holds a candle to Marshawn and I’d imagine we play the run well. I think Julius breaks out of his slump especially with how bad we’ve played against the TE position this week.

Jules: I take our secondary unless Roby wants to showboat. If he plays good technique, Cutler is left with scraps. TEs are our Achilles and theirs are like ours—non factors.

Andrew: Unfortunately, the 2017 Broncos like non-factors to become factors. I hope I’m wrong.

Jules: Speaking of which, Miami picked up Derby which one could say was smart, but I saw a Twitter comment about once he explains our offense to them, could he explain it to us. Oiy. To me, I don’t think he helps, we have a different Coordinator and the book is out on Trevor anyway.

Andrew: Yeah, I don’t think there is much he could say. We’re bad. The end.

Jules: To me, the keys are simple. Both teams need to do the same thing. Hit the QBs and make them throw. Whichever team wins TO battle, wins.

Andrew: Normally, this scares me but, Cutler is God awful in the red zone. Let that continue please.

Jules: Yes! I like Musgrave, I hope Trevor can play well so Bill stays in Denver.

Andrew: Flip side of that is if Trevor plays well, do we go on this ridiculous carousel ride again? I pray not. Gotta spend some money in FA.

Jules: If you mean keep him, that won’t happen, he just doesn’t have the arm. If Elway keeps any of these quarterbacks, it will be Lynch. As far as a FA vet, who would want us? There are teams out there who really are just a QB away, like Jax and their dollar goes a ton further. We have too many questions for any FA. I’m curious to see how some of the young guys do on defense. This is a team for them to face, they’re not very good.

Andrew: Now is their time to shine, so let’s hope they take the opportunity and do something with it.

Jules: All in all, this should be a game we win. They’ve given up 27 or more points for three weeks, their team is young, and their defense is easily exploited.

Andrew: And this is a good thing! Anybody wanting to tank needs to realize that tanking works for nobody. This team, and most definitely us fans, need a reminder of what winning feels like.

Jules: In case they do, Read -> I’m pissed off.  It’s been a hit of an article.


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