Dolphins vs Broncos week 13.

Here’s my game review: our offense played worse than our HS team, as did special teams which should be renamed, shit teams. In the gynecologist office, they always pin some poster on the ceiling while you have your body groped by a stranger and pretend it’s not happening. Focus on this picture as you read our stats. You’ll feel less violated when you do.


103 yards. No, that wasn’t how many yards we gave away, it was rushing yards we gained. I normally post QB numbers, but when the Dolphins back-up QB throws one incompletion and has a Rating 9 points higher than Siemian, it would be cruel.

Cutler threw 235, 2 TDs and 2 interceptions, including a pick six and still had a Rating almost twice of Trevor.

Kenny Drake ran for 120 yards which was the balk of their 145. Here’s the things about stats, the defense played really hard until the fourth quarter, but our offense and shitteams handed them 2 safeties and a pick six.

Dearest, Vance. You know how you listed the third downs Lynch missed? Here’s Trevor’s: 1-13. The one was in the fourth quarter. 23 starts. The 3 start guy had more and didn’t throw a pick six, or three interceptions. 0-2 in the red zone. Maybe you should rewind your pressers and hit pause, stick some cotton in your mouth and mumble like Bilichick.

One thing Vance did say in his presser on the 35-9 beatdown was that Trevor wasn’t all to blame and then he listed everyone else. Agree, we had some dropped balls, a tipped pass for an interception, a Manny hike for a safety and less than terrific blocking on some plays. Of course, shitteams made matters worse.

Less than 40 yards per average on punts. A safety on a fumble by McKenzie who Olivo allowed back. Bad yardage. Rewind this year.

I refuse to blame the defense. They were shorthanded and sick, Shane Ray throwing up on the sideline, sick. Offense was only on the field 25 minutes and that was from running. I believe there was a sum total of two back to back completions.

If you recorded this game, delete it or FF and only watch the defense. Cutler made a couple incredible throws that you just can’t blame on them, sometimes they got you beat. The Drake run for the TD was about the worst play of the game from the D. When your defense gives the offense the ball three times, gets a pick six and keeps your turnovers from being scores, what more can they do? Play offense, shitteams and defense may give us a shot.

I’m out, some tequila is calling my name.

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