Musgrave vs Joseph: will we witness a WWE Cage Match?

New Offensive Coordinator, Bill Musgrave, needs to don some tights and boots if he wants a job in Denver next season. He was moved up to work with Paxton Lynch to get him going for the upcoming year. Not sure winning was priority number one. With Lynch out at least two games and a head coach who’d rather fall on thumbtacks than play him, things have changed for Musgrave.

What else going on is it’s clear Vance and Billy don’t see eye to eye on signal callers. When you read their comments from the same game, it’s tough not envision Hell in a Cell. Get out the beer and hot wings.

Vance remarked on Brandon Langley playing cornerback and giving up two touchdowns, “It’s no different for young quarterbacks. They have to play and go through stuff like that…He’s a young talent so he has to play to get better at the position.”

Vance on Lynch, “I thought Paxton was doing ok. We had a couple plays that we missed with Paxton. Obviously, like our first seven out of ten drives were three and outs so it wasn’t good enough but I was proud how the guys finished…Trevor making plays with his arm and legs.”

”Trevor was totally locked in and engaged this week and it’s been hard on Trevor. He’s had a couple weeks where he had to watch. He was not dressed last week, so I was very proud of Trevor, how he handled the week and how he played tonight. That speaks to Trevor as a person.”

More from Joseph on Lynch, “We missed the first third down throw last week—you can’t miss those plays because they present themselves probably twice a game. Our very first third down they have bracket coverage on our two best guys and we missed Bennie on the sideline for a touchdown. We throw an interception on the 1-yard line. Those plays you can’t have. The big plays that we gameplan and scheme, if they’re there, we have to hit them. We can’t give them away, especially on the 1-yard line.”

While Vance compares QB to CB and says a player will get better, he doesn’t mean it when talking about a 23 year old quarterback in his first start in a year. I agree with VJ on everything he said about the rough outing for Langley, by the way. CB is hard and you need loads of experience to get better.

Meanwhile, here’s Musgrave’s take. “Trevor came in a tough spot and completed some passes. We had a couple breaks there on one of the drives where rather than catching it, they tipped it to us. We’re pleased with what happened at the end and we wish we had another opportunity. Also, we wish we would have kicked it in gear much earlier than when we did.”

“Paxton hasn’t played football since August versus Green Bay. I think we all expected, and I tried to prep him too, that you’re going to have some rust. You’re not going to be used to the speed of the game. But to his credit, he came out and had a nice couple of throws and one got called back because of holding. He had a nice touchdown pass called back to ‘Book’. To play so well so early was surprising to me and then we just want to build on that the next time we get Paxton on the field. It’s a shame that he hurt his ankle there in the third quarter.”

Is this Undertaker vs Mankind?

Vance’s thoughts on seeing Lynch play again, “He has an injury that’s two to four weeks. We have five weeks left. If Trevor plays well and we win the football game, it’ll be hard to put someone else in…I’m not concerned about a future evaluation right now.”

I’m glad Vance wants to win, but he should’ve said, well, we’ll see how the PO picture looks. Because to me, why keep playing Siemian if we’re eliminated?

The fact he didn’t, says one of them is gone next season. Because a HC who plans on being back with his quarterback, should want to see more of him, and speak like Musgrave does.

CBS Analyst Rich Gannon commented during the broadcast that Musgrave said the decision to play Lynch was above his pay grade. In the context Gannon used it, it sounded as if Paxton was foisted on him. “That’s news to me. I think we’re all excited to have Paxton on the field—the whole organization and his teammates. Again, we’re happy for all of our quarterbacks, but it was time for Paxton to get an opportunity after being hurt for so long. It’s been a tough year for him.”

Musgrave uses current tense when referring to Lynch/excited, not past. He also said in a quote further up, “the next time we get Paxton on the field”.  I’m a wordsmith, I notice things like that. For him, those choices of words says he wants to see him play, again.

Sum it all up how you wish. I’d say there’s a double standard for Vance Joseph and the front office has allowed it to continue.

The question I have is, does Elway support this? 7 had a coach who didn’t back him in Dan Reeves. Lynch has now had two, both guys Elway chose. Based on several Joseph comments over the last three weeks, he was forced to start Lynch.

Who does Vince Elway want to carry the belt?

Being allowed to continue that narrative in public, plus when you add in Joseph’s response to Elway’s “soft” comment, sure looks like there’s a divide in Denver and it’s a Continental sized one. The PR department, which has been one of excellence in the past, needs to get out the mops and get to work.


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