Shooting the Bull, A + J are still crying in their spiced honey mead wine.

It took Andrew Kannely and I a couple days to escape the Pit of Misery, so this is late.

Jules: Well, that didn’t end well. Actually, it didn’t start well, either. Wolfe hurts his neck, Peko his knee. And Aqib. Once I saw him throw the helmet, I knew he’d be ejected. Sigh. Then, as we’ve seen all season. OL flag kills a drive. A Bortles type interception. Strange play calls. Garbage time TDs. Special teams not getting it done and the defense surprising.

Andrew: Well I think we can end here because you just about covered it. Every week we see that we have more holes in this team than Swiss cheese.

Jules: As I wrote last week, I didn’t think three days of practice and with a new OC was ideal for Lynch, and that timing would be an issue. I did have hope we’d see better though. For sure more passing. And having that TD called back on a throw few could make. What a heartbreaker. Then to have a pass ricochet off Green and a Raider and into another. That’s been Lynch since we drafted him, a victim of bizarre circumstances.

Andrew: His TD pass definitely was nice and had some touch but that was the highlight. The passes that weren’t completed were the issue. Not only is his timing off but accuracy continues to be an issue. He also holds on to the ball just about as long as Siemian. I was reminded quick why he had 9 sacks on him in his first two starts. I hoped he would’ve learned from watching Siemian not to make the same mistakes but he looked a lot like Siemian in some ways. Lynch also needs to get the ball up, like Siemian he holds it below his waist when being rushed. Can’t forget his fumble either, just glad he jumped back on it. He has some skill there’s no doubt but it’s going to take a lot to get him to NFL QB form.

Jules: Timing is the accuracy issue. His missed passes are always within inches, it’s more like the ball is there a split second sooner than the receiver. Remember, the difference in just 4 MPH is six feet.  Our guys been practicing with QBs who throw a slower ball. That’s why I had concerns. Three days practice isn’t enough to get that precious timing down. That’s why Manning held camps. For that exact reason. How to get him in NFL form? Play him. But it starts with an off season with no shared reps.

The play calling was atrocious. And why wasn’t Lynch put in the shotgun? And no RPO? Vance said we’d see a plan built around him. Five step drops, ten passes? That is 180° from what should’ve been done. The whole purpose of playing him was to get him experience throwing the ball. Ten passes isn’t how to do that. I had remarked, keep his drop backs to three. It was as if he was set up to fail.

Andrew: I wondered what was happening. When they said an easy playbook did they mean just hand it off all day? The run is supposed to open the pass or vice versa but when you lean too heavy on one it doesn’t work. Did they lose confidence in him as he did throw?

Jules: Trev and he both were 50%, so why let Siemian keep passing when he doesn’t need more experience, but don’t allow Lynch, who did? All season you wondered why they gave up on the run so quickly and this time they didn’t and look what happened. Squat. Trevor comes in and same thing as Lynch. Heck, it was almost worse. Two incompletions in one drive. Pathetic rush. Not until they went hurry up in the fourth did we see something to cheer for. Course, Oakland was just dialing it in by then, but still, Trevor looked good then. Four minutes into the fourth it took for a change in play calling?! WTH? First time since Dallas that Trev looked ok. He said they told him to just pass and keep passing. That’s what I thought they’d do with Lynch. Pass, pass and naked bootlegs, etc.

Andrew: Trevor looked good getting thrown into a game he had no clue he’d play in. I’d expect him to need a couple warm up drives and I was happy to see him airing it out in the 4th. Just wish the defense could’ve done a better job holding to give the offense the chance to tie. Is it Trev’s team until the end? In some ways I hope so. This carousel is getting me dizzy.

Jules: Yes, in the fourth he looked good, after the play calling changed. Now Lynch is out for weeks which means he’s done. No chance to spend weeks practicing on his timing. Getting live reps. What a colossal fail by this organization. Three starts over two years is no way to see what he’s got. So, they have two choices: do what the Rams did and go all in because what he’s missing is experience which he won’t get unless he plays. Or they trade him. Which means next season we have no quarterbacks and have to start from scratch. We’re so hosed.

Andrew: You can’t put it all on the organization. They gave him every chance to earn his starting job but he never did enough to earn it. Even this start was only handed to him due to the colossal failure of this team as a whole. The offense, defense, and special teams all have a piece of this losing pie. I look forward to moving on. There will be QBs available in FA and I’m guessing we will be on the hunt in the draft for a QB steal as well. We still need to fix a lot more than QB though to have any success.

Jules: We will never agree on this earn stuff. And would we be 3-8 if they let the kid learn last season? That’s the fail. 21 starts for Trevor, whom I don’t blame in any of this. Our team is a mess. The coaching is bad. We can’t keep what we’ve got, so that means more coaching changes. There is anger in the locker room. None of this means we will be fixed next year.

Andrew: I don’t think VJ has done a good job at all. He’s lost the locker room, his staff, the fans….. Nobody cares how good a team is in practice if it never transitions to the field. We have a lot of work to do.

Jules: As far as our defense, we saw 2016 run stoppage once Wolfe went out..then Peko. That’s concerning because Kerr was getting run over. Marshawn just looked like he was cutting through butter. So, another position we need a high pick for.

Andrew: Peko hurts bad. Wolfe hasn’t been himself all season but he’s dealt with quite a few injuries which has hurt his pass rushing ability. I’ve missed Ware since his departure. Easier to guard our defensive line without that extra threat.

Jules: Vance cut Doss, so now we’re going to see lots of Langley. He didn’t have a stellar day, but he’s used to covering our scout team receivers which based on our first team ones, outside of DT and E, are probably not that good. Hopefully, the bright spot of Aqib out, is with more practice time and game experience, he’ll improve and be ready for 2018.

Andrew: Well now Talib is only out one game and Langley will need to show up in Miami. Hope he shows some improvement. I’m sure they will get him more prepped as nobody anticipated to be down Harris and Talib early. Makes you wonder if the Raiders has a purpose with the fight incident.

Jules: Oh, I like that thinking. Would Crabtree actually sacrifice himself for a win? He doesn’t seem like the altruistic kind. Special teams. Ugh. Dixon couldn’t seem to punt and starting drives on the one and the ten and fifteen with a new starter, can you get much worse? And we had another fumble. Is Olivo fired or will he get another year because he’ll have experience to build on? Frank Tripucka’s grandson, Shane is a punter for T&AM. If Dixon doesn’t improve the rest of the season, add Shane to our list.

Andrew: Dixon has lost all magic he ever had. Definitely a change there next season as well. Hopefully we find some kind of identity because it seems VJ buried any we had before. SOS!!!

Jules: When 2016 ended, I had such high hopes after seeing what appeared to be coaching changes leading to a high powered offense. And better special teams. What a rip off. We were sold a bill of goods that turned out to be a pile of dinosaur crap. However…


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