What They’re Saying About YOUR Denver Broncos…they think we’re a disaster, are they idiots or are they right?

Well, it’s Week 13 for the NFL, and Broncos are still spiraling down a horrible dark tunnel.  Worst losing streak since the 1960s, but hope is in sight this week as they travel to sunny Miami, FL to take on the Dolphins.  The Dolphins have one more win than the Broncos, sitting at 4-7 and 4th in the AFC East.

This very well could be a “bounce-back” game for the Broncos, as they face a team with a decimated offensive line and defense, with an offense powered by none other than Mr. Cool himself, Jay Cutler (insert Jay smoking meme here).  You can be assured that the team won’t be considering tanking, much to many fans’ chagrin, just to secure a draft spot.

Many of these players are playing for pride and a position on a team next year, whether that’s in Denver or elsewhere.  As a fan, it’s perfectly acceptable to have dreams about a draft pick or big name free agent to come in and right this sinking ship, but just know that the players on this team will still be playing and trying to win.

That all being said, I took a quick tour around some other sites to see what people are saying about YOUR Denver Broncos, whether it is involving our “power rankings” or guess-timating free agents for the team next year.  Let’s take a quick dive through them, shall we?

CBS Sports thinks the Broncos are a disaster:

“With all of the bad football going around in the NFL in 2017 – the Browns threatening to go winless, the Giants sitting Eli Manning in what might be a tanking expedition – it might be easy to overlook the disaster that the Denver Broncos have become, especially with them just a few years removed from a Lombardi Trophy.
But they are, very much, a team in crisis, one with few discernable strengths and a decaying roster and a ridiculous revolving door at quarterback and with a lack of institutional control (players fighting in practice and getting ejected from games) and a first-year coach who seems fairly overwhelmed by it all.” –Jason La Canfora via Broncos a disaster

FOX Sports believe that the Broncos have hit “a rough patch”:

“Ever since Von Miller led the Broncos past Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, the franchise has been in a state of flux.  Kubiak fell ill after a 4-0 start last season and the Broncos haven’t been an elite team since…Elway’s mantra of ”winning now and from now on” needs an update to an Al Davis-like ”Just win one, baby.”  Instability has finally caught up to the Broncos, who have been a picture of change really throughout Elway’s seven seasons as general manager with four offensive coordinators (five if you count McCoy’s two stints), four defensive coordinators, three head coaches and now six quarterbacks.”  –Arnie Stapleton via Broncos hit rough patch

The Gazette reported an opinion on a possible Eli Manning signing being imminent for the Broncos:

“Eli, despite that magic last name, is not the man to rescue the Broncos. He will probably end up in Jacksonville, where the franchise is run by Tom Coughlin, Eli’s former coach with the Giants. The Jaguars can offer an elite defense, one strong enough to carry a decent offense to the Super Bowl.  The Broncos need to find a young, healthy quarterback in his prime or nearing his prime. The Broncos should resist the temptation of finding another Peyton. Tony Romo would not have been the answer to the Broncos many problems. Eli is not the answer, either.  Eli is well past his best days.  The Broncos should look elsewhere.”  –David Ramsey via Eli Manning not for the Broncos

Sporting News announced who would be starting vs the Broncos on Sunday morning:

“Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler is out of the NFL’s concussion protocol and will start Sunday against one of his former teams, the Broncos.  “He’ll be all right,” coach Adam Gase said (via the Palm Beach Post). “We’ll get a good week of practice. We need to make sure we get the ball out on time.”  Cutler suffered the concussion in the first half of the Dolphins’ Nov. 19 loss to the Buccaneers and was ruled out after halftime. He also sat out Sunday’s loss to the Patriots.” –Arthur Weinstein via Jay Cutler facing former team


Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner talked about the suspension reduction for Aqib Talib, the Chainsnatcher:

“Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and Oakland Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree will be back on the field sooner than suspected. Both players had their suspensions reduced to just one game after going through the appeals process Tuesday.  The two got into it during Sunday’s game which resulted in Talib pulling off Crabtree’s chain. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time that’s happened. Because of that, Crabtree even came into the game with the chain taped to his chest.”  –Chris Cwik via Talib suspension reduced

Power Rankings from around the web:

ESPN: 28th

NFL.com: 28th

Sporting News: 28th

CBS Sports: 27th

Bleacher Report: 29th


So there are a lot of people thinking that the Broncos are horrible…do you agree?  Disagree?  Let us know in the comments or via Twitter @DenverBroncosZ , and thanks for reading!

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