Trevor Siemian thinks Bill Musgrave’s play calling has “been good so far.”

The Denver Broncos are 3-8 after their 7th consecutive loss. They are rolling with Trevor Siemian at quarterback once again after the injury to Paxton Lynch. Siemian isn’t exactly sure how new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave will change the offensive scheme to fit his playing style. “We’ll see. It’s obviously the first day of the install for the week. I think you can’t make a ton of changes.”

The thing Siemian said that confused me was: “I think, you can’t make a ton of changes. We’re rollin’ pretty good right now in the season.” I don’t know where he got that from, but to me, 3-8 is far from “pretty good”. Pretty good, would be… preparing your team for the chance at the playoffs, something the Broncos are close to being eliminated from. That quote made me ask the question: What team does he think he’s on? Or did he mean, rolling deep in the season?

Since Siemian was named the starter, he will get the majority of reps in practice before the game against Miami. His mindset is to be the best player he can be, regardless of his position on the depth chart. “It’s the same as usual. I think everything is so fluid. You find out in the NFL and in this business that you just take it one day at a time and one week at a time. Whatever you’re assigned to do, do it the best you can regardless of if you’re starting, you’re the backup or you’re the three. That goes beyond the quarterback position I think. That’s the way I look at it.”

When a player gets benched, you would think their confidence would be significantly low. Sometimes, their confidence is not affected. That’s the case for Siemian. Or so he says. “When I got sat down, confidence-wise I felt fine. I think it’s just frustrating not playing.”

Watching the game from the sidelines and playing both have their pros and cons. Now, all three active quarterbacks for the Broncos have had game experience this season. “I think you just watch the guys play, watch what we’re doing offensively and what teams are doing to us. Kind of take a step back like you said. You get a little different perspective, which helps…You just take what you can from being on the sideline.”

Siemian talked about what it’s like running a two-minute offense at the beginning of games, rather than the end. “It’s good when it’s good, but you go three-and-out and it can get ugly on you pretty quick. I think you have to be able to be multiple, change tempos, huddle and play on the ball. I think good offenses you see them do that quite a bit.”

With a new offensive coordinator at the helm, Denver hopes to improve on that side of the ball, this time with a full week of practice under Bill Musgrave. There is bound to be some similarities and differences between Musgrave and former OC Mike McCoy. “Just a little. Like I said, we’re running the same stuff for the most part. We’re the same group of guys and the same offense. It’s just maybe the volume week to week is a little smaller. It’s only been one week of him calling the plays. For me to say what exactly it is—I think it’s been good so far.”

The Broncos are well aware of their losing streak and Siemian feels like the team can do without the reminders. “I don’t think you need any reminders for how tough it’s been. I think that’s pretty consistent with everybody in the locker room. All you can do is put your head down and work as hard as you can. We’ve got to figure it out.”

As the Broncos continue to lose games, the reminders of the unfortunate streak won’t be going away, as fans continue to grow unhappy and impatient with the team that brought the city of Denver a championship just a few years ago.

Watch the presser below.

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