Quick hit game review, Week 12, Broncos vs Oakland and the no good day.

Well, that was sad. From Aqib being ejected unfairly, to Derek Wolfe, Domata Peko and Paxton Lynch going out hurt. For seven straight weeks offense turned the ball over and for five weeks, no score until garbage time. We were 5-14 on third downs, same ole, same ole

Even our punter was off. The offensive game plan was pure crap and didn’t look any better than this whole season until finally, during the fourth when Oakland went into prevent, Trevor Siemian was told to go hurry up and just throw. Which worked. Imagine that. If only Denver’s first half offense could play fourth quarter defenses. Sigh.

Right Tackle was again a problem and so were flags bringing good plays back. Our defense, who stopped the run against Oakland in Denver, allowed 104 yards rushing and 244 passing. I’m sure several three and outs didn’t help them.

Lynch had a questionable TD to Devontae Booker overturned which ended up in a strange series of events, cumulating in a ball bouncing off Virgil Green, a Raider and then into another Raider as he fell in the end zone. We had 59 yards rushing. Pretty much sums up the offense all season: interceptions every game, scores when defenses give us and vanilla play calls without any sugar…and bad luck.

Our average start was on the 22, another issue. When you start on the one or the ten, it’s not great. Dever did have a strip sack, which helped for field position for a drive. Other than that, not great stuff from special teams.

I’ve defended Vance Joseph for months even though he wasn’t my first choice as a head coach, but now, I’m ready to move on. Even though this makes us clearly a dysfunctional franchise.

We lost the TOP by over five minutes, had more penalties than Oakland and on it goes. This time, we stunk on all three levels. Plus, coaching was bad. No idea how to save this team.

The only time the offense looked good all day was half way through the fourth when we went hurry up and Oakland was gassed. Maybe we should try that in first halves and wear them out sooner. Just a thought.

I’d like to throw the defense under the bus, but they had second and third stringers playing and poor coaching, to go along with a poor Offense, so what’s the use?

As much as it disgusts me to say, we’re done. It’s now pure evaluation mode, I won’t say tank time as I still want to pull out some wins, but we’re cooked. If Lynch can’t play Sunday and the next five weeks, we’re in even more trouble. This guy needs some consistent starts to evaluate him. And Siemian and Osweiler won’t be starting next year, so it’s Lynch being Goff and overcoming a trashy first seven games or we’re stuck, again. Looking for another QB.

How depressing, since we’re going to need new coaches, too. Plus, who wants Elway drafting a QB? If I was an agent, I’d send my client in to throw his interview, no way I’d want him in Denver. That’s just some of the fall out of two bad years of bad decisions. FA is next. Dever will have a tough time keeping players and will have to pay top dollar to bring others in. We have no Peyton Manning. And John Elway is no longer the draw he was,

This was a bad day, capping off 18 months of bad decision days.

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