Brock Osweiler on the losing streak: “This isn’t the culture here.”

The Broncos have been a winning franchise for the majority of the past 30 years, so the 3-7 record they are experiencing is frustrating to the franchise, its players, and its fans. Quarterback Brock Osweiler spoke after the loss to the Bengals. He pointed out the different culture of the team.

“This isn’t the culture here. The culture and, like you said, the standard is to win—win championships, win division championships, get to the playoffs every year and contend for Super Bowls. And right now, we’re not playing football like that.”

Osweiler knew what defense the Bengals were in on the play he got intercepted. “As far as the interception goes, they played blitz zero down there. We were expecting them to play blitz zero on third down in the red area. We had a slant called and it’s one of those deals, it’s so quick. There’s two guys that come free. We can’t block them all in blitz zero, so you basically catch the ball as quick as you can. You throw the slant. Cody was going to have a touchdown, and unfortunately, a football play happened where him and the guy who was covering Emmanuel collided and the football was gift-wrapped for Kirkpatrick right there, and he made a great play. But bottom line, no excuses. I can’t turn the football over.”

Great, but at what point are we actually going to see the number of turnovers plummet? “It’s something that we’ve talked about now going on over a month. Just protect the football, have zero turnovers at the end of the game and see where we are.”

Osweiler tossed one touchdown Sunday, to receiver Demaryius Thomas: a play that they recently installed into their game plan. “It was something that it really gives us an opportunity to push the ball downfield. And with that, there’s two check-downs. It was actually a play that we called, it was the exact same play. We just called a different direction, the play before, and they brought pressure. So I had to take my hot [read]. We made a good play, a positive play, and then we came back to it and I was able to get the ball off to D.T. I wasn’t able to see it—I was on the ground—but from what I hear, D.T. made an incredible play and I can’t wait to see it on film.”

Osweiler is dealing with a shoulder injury, coming into Sunday’ game, but said he’s “not worried about the injury.”

“Bottom line, I’m able to throw a football, and if I’m able to throw a football, that’s good enough. This time of year in the league, everybody is hurt. It’s just a matter of how bad. I just want to give a ton of credit to our defense. I thought those guys came out here today, really set the tone, played extremely hard. Special teams did some great things for us, and really gave us great field position. And bottom line, I need to play better.”

The Broncos have fallen victim to six consecutive losses. Although they have yet to be mathematically eliminated, realistically they have an uphill battle to overcome in order to play the playoffs. All the can do now is try to have a great practice week and translate it onto the field next week against the Raiders.

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