On to New England? Vance Joseph addresses his Paxton Lynch comments

Vance Joseph took to the podium as usual the day after a game.  The head coach took time to answer a lot of hard-hitting questions today regarding the coaching staff, the players on the field, and even some people that have not yet seen the field this season.

Vance was asked if he was satisfied with the play calling in the loss, to which he answered that “When you lose games in the league, you have to coach better, play better.”  He reiterated that he’s said that after every loss thus far, so he’s consistent in what he feels may be a big issue with this team.  However, he did make a somewhat pointed statement that “The difference [between winning and losing] sometimes is the coaching and the difference is the scheme and play calling.”  All four of the top coaches for this team seem to be put on notice, but especially the man responsible for this horrid offense we’ve seen so far this year, offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

Coach dispelled any talk about the QB this week, saying that it would indeed be Brock Osweiler again (despite him not confirming it yesterday after the game.)  Should Brock not perform well next Sunday?  “I’m only concerned about the Patriots this week and we’ll see where we are next Monday.”  So this truly is a week-by-week decision for the staff.

Last week during a question and answer with the CBS broadcasting team, Coach Joseph mentioned that Paxton Lynch was not ready physically or mentally to be able to play.  Today Joseph clarified his stance, saying that “physically he’s been hurt…That’s the physical part. The mental part, I was speaking more to that he hasn’t played football…not what you’re alluding to, his lack of football IQ…He’s missed so much time, so to put him in an NFL game Week 10 wouldn’t be fair to our football team or fair to Paxton.”  Whether that’s clarification or simple back pedaling remains to be seen.

One of the truly damning thing to happen in the game yesterday was the plethora of penalties by both offense and defense.  And according to Vance, some you can live with, but others are so hard to overcome. “[P]enalties before the whistle and there are penalties in between the whistles.  The ones before the whistles, that’s undisciplined, and we can’t have that.”  The coach pointed out how Von Miller and Shane Ray combined for four offsides penalties, which when you think about it amounts to two free 1st downs.  The one penalty that Vance seemed proud of was the roughing the passer flag on Zach Kerr.  “He was told all week to finish the play because this quarterback doesn’t slide. He finished the play and he was penalized for roughing the passer. That happens. They scored the next play.”  It’s truly the untimely penalties currently killing this team.

Whatever happens this coming week, there HAS to be some changes implemented, and Vance talked to just that point.  “Well, you have to change something. We can’t continue to go down the same path and expect different results. That’s insanity, right? We have to change something, whether it’s personnel, whether it’s how we gameplan or how we call plays or how we play as a football team together—offensively, defensively and teams together…How do we win as a team?”  If we’re being honest and candid, that statement makes it sound as if there is a rift somewhere on this team, whether that’s between players on different sides of the ball, or between the coaches and the players themselves.  But Vance is hopeful in turning it around starting next Sunday.  “We have time, but time is running out. We have to fix it right now. Our division, right now, has all come back to us. So, we do have time to rectify the season and have a chance to finish on a positive note.”

Some bad news to those in Broncos Country holding out hope on seeing two draft picks that had been sidelined all year…TE Jake Butt and QB Chad Kelly will both be placed on season-ending IR today.  “They’re both going to go down (to injured reserve). Chad Kelly came back to practice last week and numbers wise, it doesn’t make sense for our football team. We were hoping that Jake could come back and help us at this point, but he’s not ready yet. We’re going to put both of those guy down.”  Jake Butt is a true blow, as he was thought to be a huge boon to a flailing offense that needs another weapon.  The loss of Chad Kelly is more palatable, as it clears one more QB from a crowded stable, and removes any more controversy should the staff decide to make a change to last year’s 1st round QB and see what the young man has for the rest of this year.

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