Chris Harris Jr: We’ve got to score some points. We’ve got to get some crucial stops when we can. 

After the first of two make or break games in the middle of the Denver Broncos’ season, scarier questions are beginning to come up. Is the locker room divided? Should Vance be fired? Should Trevor, Brock, or Paxton Lynch start? But no matter the question, Broncos’ star corner Chris Harris Jr. put all Broncos fans’ feeling into words.

I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of losing the same way every game. We’re not giving ourselves a chance to win.

To clarify, yes, Harris means the defense when he says “we”, but anyone who follows football knows the NFL’s number one defense is not the problem in Denver.


There’s high tension. We’re not winning. We’re not taking care of the football. We’re giving the games away. We had some crucial chances to make a stop to give us a chance. We got back on the turnovers, which was a positive. Other than that, it was an ugly game.

The story of last season is coming back up. The separation in locker room is there. Many players deny it, but it’s there. There is no way when half the team is playing better than anyone else in the league, and the other half is throwing three INTs and fumbling, that both sides take the blame.

What also doesn’t help this defense is when other teams play ultra conseravtive because they know the Denver offense won’t be a threat. Part of playing conservative is not testing the three pro bowl caliber corners in Harris, Talib, and Roby, and getting out quick passes so Shane Ray and Von Miller can’t cause havoc in the backfield.

It’s hard. We spotted them seven. We do things to where they get on the board first in ways other than scoring on defense. I tried to make plays. I tried to do whatever I can to get turnovers. But, Alex doesn’t try us too much. He just goes to the tight end most of the time. It’s hard to make plays.

One glimmer of hope the team has this season is it can still go 12-4. But to do that this team cannot give up. When asked is the season was slipping away, Harris stayed strong. He simply said something has to change.

We’ve got to score some points. We’ve got to get some crucial stops when we can. We got back on the turnovers. We can’t win if we can’t score.”

The Broncos’ season hangs in the balance, it’s time to see who steps up.

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