Broncos Need Takeaways and No Turnovers to Beat The Chiefs

Mike McCoy has to be tired of the ineffective offense the Broncos have shown thus far in 2017. Things need to change. Players need to play better. Coaches need to coach better.

I think number one we have to quit turning the football over. That’s the first thing. Throughout the season, that’s one thing that has hurt our team. When you’re moving the ball and you’re doing certain things, then a turnover. The first third down, [QB] Trevor [Siemian] did an outstanding job of escaping pressure and made a great throw, then all of a sudden we turn the ball over. There was another time in the game where we’re driving and there was a sack fumble. It goes on. That’s the most important thing. Everyone understands that we have to quit turning the football over–Mike McCoy

Turnovers are just one part of what has killed the Broncos this year, but it is an important stat to consider in the Broncos’ struggles. The Broncos are (-8) in the turnover category this season.

The second thing McCoy notes is the number of penalties committed by his offense. The two big ones are the false starts and holding penalties (9 each).

There are some things where we’re driving the ball at the end and there’s a penalty here and there, especially in the red area which are critical at times. There are certain mistakes every game where we have to play better. We have to put points on the board and be more efficient as an offense for 60 minutes.

Last week in the Chargers’ game Melvin Ingram gave Siemian a black and blue nose. What does that tell you  Broncos Country? Well, it’s really a couple different factors. Siemian needs to get rid of the football a lot faster than he does. The offensive line needs to allow time for Trevor to throw the ball. Like McCoy said, “It’s not just one guy, one position. It’s everybody—all 11.”

McCoy doesn’t think Siemian is actually holding on to the football longer than necessary.

It’s different every play. I wouldn’t say he’s holding it too long. It’s all different reasons. Is somebody not open? Did he miss a progression? Did somebody miss a block? There are a number of different things for every play. It’s not just the same thing. He might slide in the pocket when he thinks he can go a certain way instead of stepping up. It’s not just one thing. It’s not just one player. It’s all of us. I can do some things better, too. As coaches, we’re going to look at the film first every week at practice and see what we’re doing and how can we change too. It’s not just players. It’s coaches, too. I have to do a better job.”

Denver has struggled on third down all year. They have converted just 36 of 91 third down attempts (.395%). That’s absolutely pitiful. “That’s one thing, I think that’s why our numbers are down. As tough as it is, it’s tough enough to convert. Early in the year we had a lot shorter situations and starting out at 50-plus, things like that in games. Now, the last couple of weeks have been poor.”

To beat the Chiefs (or to even be competitive against them), the Broncos will need to figure out how to overcome their third-down woes, stop with the penalties, and most importantly, quit turning the football over.  Hope we figure it out, and fast.

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