Shooting the Bull: A + J, and that game in LA.

In a role reversal episode, I’m trying to be Ms Sunshine to Andrew Kannely’s gloom because his happy bubble has burst. Me, I’m not surprised by what we’ve been witnessing.

Jules: Here’s the sort of good news. In the grand scheme of things, losing to the Chargers, who we already beat, isn’t the death knell. If we’d had lost to Oakland, that would’ve been worse. As long as our record is better than LAC, 1-1 vs them doesn’t matter. If we face Oakland and are 1-1, same thing. KC is the key.

Andrew: This is true, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. If they can somehow play “up” to their opponents the same way we play “down” to lesser teams things could get interesting. I’m just not as positive this week that they can make it happen. There’s a lot of work to be done, but many of these players have faced tough times here before.

Jules: Well, our defense has, not our offense. Our defense once again held a team to under 300 total yards and the rushing under 100. Rivers only had 182 yards. Until the 4th Q, they only allowed 1 TD from a guy who loves to throw.

Andrew: Our defense remains one of the best in the league. When they stopped Rivers on the goal line 4 straight downs I was jumping out of my chair. They kept us in the game the entire time. When you only allow 14 points on defense your team should win every time. I’m just praying they don’t give in.

Jules: We didn’t need to worry about McManus. (Ok, not funny).

Andrew: In some ways this is true, but we had a couple opportunities to get some points. Knowing our offense couldn’t do it I’d take them every time. Is it possible to gain momentum on field goals? I would’ve liked to find out.

Jules: Minus that disastrous beginning, AJ Derby got his act together and became a viable target who could be a boon against KC.

Andrew: He needed to have a decent rebound because I personally was ready to cut him.. Okay… Maybe an overreaction, but he had me piping hot. That fumble and false start had us off on the wrong foot offensively. One thing I like that Belicheat does is punish his players when the screw up. I believe in accountability and as I tweeted during the game I would have had him on the bench until the second half.

Jules: (what about QBs who turn the ball over almost every game?) Derby wasn’t the starter, so maybe they wanted to fake out LAC? Which worked. The problem though may be running out cold for a pass. Ok, That’s my good.

Andrew: I’m glad you had some because I was in the gutter. Trying to bounce back now that it’s Tuesday evening though.

Jules: For the bad, I’m starting with coaching. Actually, let’s start with Elway. We knew there was no way to get a RT in and learn the playbook to play Sunday, but, he could’ve gotten the Bills guy for KC.

Andrew: I agree and the fact we have still yet to make any moves is very frustrating.. Even without our QB situation I’m frustrated. There’s a decent QB on the market but the politics and Elway’s views would never allow him the opportunity here (in which I believe he could thrive).

Jules: Elway passed on him before, so I doubt it’s politics. Kaep has just said, forget it, because between his suing the NFL and the book, he’s a nuclear reactor in meltdown. No one wants him or his toxic fiancé.

Now, I’m bringing up coaching. What the F is McCoy doing? I’m not going to beat the dead horse of how Trevor plays, we all know his issues, but coaching could help. You know he won’t step up, so put an extra guy on one side and run the play that side. Use Trevor wanting to run. And every single time he has time to throw, just chuck it down field and at least be a threat so they back up and help the run.

Andrew: I completely agree and let’s not forget to RUN THE DAMN BALL!!! The Chargers had the worst running defense coming into Sunday and again we abandoned it early. It’s not like the deficit was large the entire game. We had every opportunity to come back but we have horrible play calling. They need to fix the playbook to only have three second drop back pass plays. Count to three and throw the ball to a predetermined spot. We have receivers that can make plays (DT was robbed BTW on that PI call). When he took chances they were good. Even on the pass he under threw to Bennie. Run that play a few times and he’s gonna get the ball there. McCoy is hindering this offense and any chance of Trevor improving. Also, double up on Bosa if he’s killing you.

Jules: We know Barbre was a swinging gate on a lot of plays, but he has got to step up and stop hanging by the tackles. If McCoy sees a problem, fix it. Tell him to take the snap and step up and toss it deep. And tell DT and Fowler on a 1st down to body slam their CB, take the flag, but make a statement.

Andrew: Exactly. We need these receivers to make some statements and gain some swag back. The entire offense looks unmotivated out there. DT has shown heart but again everyone else is playing flat. Siemian is actually proving to be tough out there. He can take a licking, but he’s looking like a deer in headlights. I honestly can’t blame him. Again, if he wouldn’t drop so far back the defenders on the edge wouldn’t be able to get there so easy. The O line and Siemian need to work better in order for this offense to ever have a chance of rebounding.

Jules: chicken and egg. One of them needs to be the rooster. KC has 10 days to heal. They have Ford and Houston and Bailey. After seeing how LAC played, McCoy better have something planned for them. Do you think this is a do or die game for Trevor ?

Andrew: I thought after last half it was a do or die game for Trev. VJ has made it quite clear that barring injury, Siemian is our guy. It makes you wonder how bad they feel about Brock and/or Paxton (even though he’s still on the mend). Has Elway already cut his losses with Lynch? I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe otherwise. If they are moving on from him they should try to trade him while some still believe he has a chance to be something in the league. I just want to see us make some moves. Whether it’s O line help or a QB, which I highly doubt will happen this season, they need to make something happen or we are in for some long football games.

Jules: If Elway had moved on from Lynch, they’d have stashed him on IR and not wasted a roster spot. By doing that, no one would be looking at him to be anything but gone. Also, it would’ve cemented As, er, Osweiler as number two and maybe the future. Now, here’s Lynch back at practice and suddenly all that hate towards him is easing up. My thought is, they’d like to go from Siemian to Lynch, avoid having to use 3 QBs. Trevor wants to push that date back, he needs to win.

Andrew: I respect that insight.

Jules: Shane Ray will be playing and he and Von could win this game. What happens if the offense is still bad with TS, but the defense wins it? They put up the points? Is Trevor still benched?

Andrew: If the defense wins it then Trevor is still the QB. I don’t know if it’s pride, ego, or if they truly feel he’s our best option but somebody must know something we don’t. I am not saying Brock would do better than Siemian in the long run but, last game I would’ve brought him in the second half to try and spark something. Are they worried if he did they’d create a QB controversy? Would that be a bad thing if we had come back?!? I guess we will never know.

Jules: Maybe they don’t want three QBs this season, that would just flame the controversy even more. If Vance sticks with Trevor like he says he will, will the defense give up? Before the season started, there was all this talk that if VJ went with Lynch he’d lose the locker room. If he continues to play like he has vs KC, I think the locker room is lost because CHJ is already showing there are issues bubbling.

Andrew: I’m not sure what CHJ was talking about were necessarily locker room issues. He’s stated there’s frustration and I think there should be. Nobody better be more frustrated than the offense and they need to be frustrated with themselves. I feel like a lot of those guys truly love Trev. I just wonder at what point they stop believing in him. I know I’m almost there.

Jules: Liking Trevor the guy and thinking he can win for you, aren’t the same thing. And now E made his comments. Not good. The coaches need to get this locker room back. Winning would help. Do they go into Philly thinking they can score off Wentz?

Andrew: Let’s worry about Philly after this week. That game scares me. I think the Eagles are proving to be contenders.

US: Go Broncos!

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