Vance Joseph: Ben McAdoo “always a hard worker and a very smart, tough guy.”

Three days before the Broncos play the Giants, Broncos coach Vance Joseph reported the team’s injuries. Cody Latimer and Paxton Lynch—‘DNP’. Jamaal Charles, Aqib Talib, Domata Peko full.

Joseph was asked about how he feels the team’s passing game has played throughout the first four games. “I view it as we’re 3-1. I’m not concerned about the numbers, I’m not. If we go 4-1 on Sunday and throw for a ton or we run for a ton—that doesn’t matter. We’re concerned about collective results and that’s winning together. That’s our only concern. The numbers will take care of themselves. As far as how defenses play us, we’ll adjust weekly or even by quarter. Overall it’s about winning as a football team.”

The Giants have yet to win a game this season, but Joseph had nothing but good things to say about their head coach, Ben McAdoo. “Ben, first of all is a good man. Great wife, Toni. Always been a smart guy and a hardworking guy. Slept on the floor, never went home. To watch what he’s doing now, I’m not surprised because he was always a hard worker and a very smart guy. A tough guy also.”

Denver selected Garett Bolles in the first round of this year’s draft, and it is not a surprise that he is playing well. He earned the starting left tackle job fairly quickly. “He’s a first-round pick so we kind of evaluated him that way … He’s done fine so far. It hasn’t been perfect; he’s going to get better. As a first-round pick, you would hope they can play early for you and play with success.”

Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been a great quarterback in the league since being drafted in 2004, and just because the Giants are hurting at receiver, doesn’t mean they should take it easy against Manning.

“Most of the big guys and most of the good quarterbacks can throw guys open. We’re telling our guys to face the receiver all the time because the ball can be thrown short or it could be thrown deep. When you’re facing Eli, it’s a lot of quick game, but it’s also a lot of back shoulder throws. When you’re playing corner versus Eli, you have to face the receiver the entire time. As the play expires and is vertical, then you can look and lean. We want to press these guys, not give them free access because of all of the quick game. Also have great eyes as far as the routes as they expire until we can get it down.”

What he’s saying is Denver will be playing more man to man coverage instead of Zone because Manning can fit balls into tight windows and get them there quickly. What he doesn’t mention is good quarterbacks against a zone defense will trick them using his eyes or shoulders.

According to Joseph, the fact that the Giants will have new receivers, doesn’t leave the Broncos at a disadvantage. “No I wouldn’t say that. Their system is their system and the receivers they’re playing with—as far as what they are physically, that can be a small issue. Our guys are concerned about one thing, just playing great technique and having great eyes, whoever’s playing receiver.”


For the Broncos, the number of injuries the Giants have suffered is not a distraction. “It’s not. It’s an NFL football team. It’s Eli Manning and it’s a really good defense when you watch them on tape. When you watch their games, and you’re just watching the game and not watching the scoreboard, they’re playing pretty good football on both sides of the ball. They’ve lost three out of the five games in the fourth quarter by two points or three points. I think 10 points combined. When you watch the football games you have a true appreciation for this football team having a chance to beat you. Again, players don’t think that way. I don’t think that way. It’s an NFL game and it won’t be easy on Sunday. It will not be easy.”


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