Recently, Broncos players have participated in many charitable events.

Football players, or athletes in general, are mostly known for their achievements on the field. What goes less noticed is their work off the field in their respective communities, involving a number of organizations, charities, etc. Their involvement with these different activities allows them to further connect with their fans, younger and older.

In such events, members of the Broncos organization, including players, cheerleaders, and Miles the Mascot, make appearances and participate in whichever event it is they are attending, whether it’s a football camp, school visits, or reading sessions.

One of the organizations that the NFL is big on is Play60, an organization aimed to reverse child obesity. Something players sometimes do is take a visit to local schools to spend time with the kids and play sports with them, even if it’s just a game of tag. Their goal is to show the kids the importance of being active. During this event, players teach the children many different football techniques. For example, how to tackle and how to throw/catch a football.

Cancer awareness is a well-known worldwide topic, and the actions taken by the Broncos only increase awareness. On Tuesday, Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian took a visit to a Metro-area hospital in Denver. There’s nothing better than to see life-long Broncos fans, who are suffering, be excited to see players from the team they’ve rooted for their whole life.

Siemian is not the only Bronco to visit local hospitals. Cornerback Aqib Talib and running back Jamaal Charles also recently made an appearance, along with some cheerleaders, spending time with the sick children and having fun.

Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. hosted an event, raising money and collecting coats for children in need. The organization is called, Denver Children’s Home.

Here is an interesting statistic, courtesy of Broncos Off-Field:

That is a lot of hours spent on days they were not on the field practicing or playing in games. Not only do they dedicate their lives to football, they dedicate them to making sick kids happy and encourage people to get out and be active.

Some of the players each have their own charities. You can find their websites by simply searching their name in a search engine, including Von Miller and his “Von’s Vision Foundation:

Being a part of events like these keeps the players busy while giving to the community. Anything that the players pass on to the people they are interacting with, is beneficial. Helping others is an important thing to do, and the Broncos are aware of that. Whether it’s getting kids to be active, or raising money for something such as food banks, the Broncos are doing their part.

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