Emmanuel Sanders gets Broncos involved in donations to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It is a sad time in and around Houston, as Hurricane Harvey continues to affect towns in Texas. Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who went to college at Southern Methodist (TX), talked about the storm and what he is doing to help the victims.

“Obviously I’m from there so seeing those pictures, seeing those videos, and seeing all of my family and all of my friends going through that, it hurts me that I can’t do anything about it as far as physically.”

Sanders knows that he can’t do all of this alone, so he is asking his Broncos teammates to help raise money for charities aiding in the recovery. “One thing that I can do is I can gather all of my teammates, see how much money we can get together and try to donate some to a cause out there. Right now, we raised I think—at the lowest, $40,000. I know that for a fact and probably even more than that. All of my teammates have contributed and I’m just extremely grateful for it.”

“There are people out there that are going through certain things. My foundation guy reached out to me and said kids out there don’t have diapers. So today, I’m sending 10,000 diapers and I think all in all we’re going to end up sending 40,000 diapers if I can get in contact with people and send it out there. That’s one thing we’re trying to do, and as far as food and drinks, we’ll also try and contribute that way. We’re doing our part as the Broncos and being in the NFL and being on this platform.

We’re trying to give back and I know it’s extremely close to my heart because I’m from that city. I have two houses out there so I’m forever grateful for my teammates for chipping in.”

As of 9 a.m. CDT Tuesday, it had reportedly rained 49.32 inches, according to a gauge in the area of Mary’s Creek in northern Brazoria County, Texas.

As Sanders mentioned, he has two houses in Texas. It hasn’t gone through the storm damage-free, but Sanders I being positive about his personal situation.

“One of my cousins lives in my house and it’s been raining so much I’m starting to get a little leakage inside my house from my roof or something because it’s been raining so much. But that’s nothing compared to what everybody else is going through, so I’m good.”

Many people have struggled through this storm. Some people have lost personal things such as their vehicles and homes. We at DBZ have the victims of this terrible storm in our thoughts and prayers.

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