Part 8, AFC West top players we love/hate

In our final segment of the top 3 players we hate/love/like/dislike of all time, we look at the dregs of the world, except of course, THE DENVER BRONCOS!

Kansas City Chiefs

Stuart @StuTheUKBronoco — Neil Smith – LOVE I never knew who Neil Smith was until I watched America’s Game about the 32 Broncos and instantly I loved him. He looked straight into the camera and said he left KC to come to Denver to win championships and he retired with 2 of them. Eric Berry – LOVE The only Chief I’d take to Denver from the current roster. Absolute beast of a safety. Travis Kelce – HATE Baby Gronk, reality TV playboy and currently top of my hate list for the Chiefs.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — Derrick Thomas. Never got to see him play in real time, but he was explosive off the edge. He was so good, he was elected to the Pro Bowl in each of his first 9 seasons in the NFL. In 1990, his SECOND year in the league, Thomas led the NFL in sacks (20). That’s very outstanding. Love: Neil Smith. In his time in the NFL, Smith was one of the best defensive ends in the league. He finished his career with 104.5 sacks and 624 tackles. I also love that he spent 2 of his last 3 NFL seasons with the Broncos, winning the Super Bowl in both of those years! Hate: Tony Gonzalez. In this case, I hate out of respect. I hated seeing this guy have so much success while in the AFC West since he was a rival.

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue – Despised: Derrick Thomas—Probably the best defensive player I watched before Von Miller, Thomas was such an amazing player, I despised him because he was just so good. He deserves all his accolades as one of the best LBs/DEs ever to play in the league.
Hated: Dante Hall—This guy surely was the X-factor, so unstoppable on kick returns it was ridiculous. Why anybody EVER kicked to him is beyond me, because he certainly punished whoever did it. Can’t say “liked” but appreciated what he did on the field: Tony Gonzalez—Ultimate competitor, I cannot say I liked him because he was such a beast on the field, I surely do respect his ability and fight. Never as good as Shannon Sharpe was, but so, so close. Shame he never won it all with either the Chefs or Falcons.

Jules @ABroncoNole— I despised this team because they’re in our division, but the loathing I Feel became epic when they stole FSU’s War Chant (which they suck at doing). When I see these pathetic losers who couldn’t even come up with their own rallying cry, I just can’t see any players. I see red hot anger. Screw you all, except Eric Berry…and Jamaal Charles LOL! Please, let this guy score against you, you greasy, food smeared, unimaginable fan base.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18 Love/Like:  Derrick Thomas, he was magical player. Trent Green, underrated QB, and I have to mention Christian Okoye, love a big powerful back, but even they fall down, right Atwater?  Hate/Dislike:  I’ve never been a fan of Marcus Allen, he always seemed smug. Joe Montana again, simply not a fan

Los Angeles Chargers

Stuart — Antonio Gates – HATE I’ve always hated Gates, constant comparisons to Sharpe and now he’s overtaken his records and I can’t see me ever turning around and liking him. L.T – HATE How can you like a guy who constantly ran all over your team and laughed doing it? I’m sure charger fans feel the exact same way about T.D. Drew Brees – HATE Like L.T, he used to destroy us whenever he was asked to do so.

Graham — Like: Antonio Gates. Gates has had a ton of success in the NFL, while having a decent (not great) quarterback. Love that he played basketball in college, which shows his athleticism. If the Chargers were ever to win the Super Bowl, Gates would be the only player I’d be happy for on the team. Booooo Chargers! Love: LaDainian Tomlinson. With ease, I can say that it was truly an honour to witness L.T. play. In 2006, he was voted as league MVP and Offensive Player of the Year. In consecutive years (2006, 2007), he led the league in rushing yards. He was featured on NFL Network’s “A Football Life” as well. It is a must-see! Mad respect all around for L.T. Hate: Rodney Harrison. Easy decision. Harrison was considered a dirty player in his days and has a really annoying personality on NBC. Absolutely cannot stand the guy.

Jason  – Despised: Philip Rivers—Honestly just a guy I love to hate. Him and Cutler’s rivalry was what really got to me, thought he just loved to talk sh*t on the Broncos, although I’ve come to the realization that he just hated Cutler (which I totally get now). That being said, he’s a tough ass competitor who I don’t like to lose to, because he really is a great QB. Hated: Junior Seau—Such a tough ass S.O.B., hated his ass for always kicking our ass in the middle of the field. Hard hitting and sh*t talking, and so damn smug about it too. And then he went to the Cheatriots too, so there’s that
Can’t say “liked” but glad he only played a couple years against us: Drew Brees—To this day, I think the entire Chargers organization would be different had they stuck with their QB after his injury instead of turning the reins over to Rivers. The Saints clearly got the better of this deal.

Jules Love: Philip Rivers. I know, I know, but I just can’t hate a gunslinger who plays with his heart and he’s good and he’s a nice southern boy. I’m cheating because there truly aren’t many Chargers I care enough about to like, love or hate, but Don Coryell gets all my love because he changed football. I’m cheating big time because this guy never even played pro ball, but without him, no air attack systems, route trees or even players like Champ Bailey because cover guys like him weren’t needed before Don. That’s it. Two.

Kevin — Love/Like:  Natrone Means, big, tough, fast back. Dan Fouts, always liked that he was a bit chubby/unathletic looking with that thick beard. Looked like you’d expect to see him behind the counter at the Post Office, but he could sling a football.  Junior Seau was just an amazing talent.   Hate/Dislike: Rodney Harrison, walking, talking piece of garbage, as dirty as they come. A.J. Smith, it was fun watching him make mistake after mistake proving Eli Manning was 100% right when he went all Ron Burgundy on them at the 2004 draft. 

Oakland Raiders

Stuart — Oakland/L.A/Las Vegas/Some Trailer Park Raiders. Hate everything about them. I will give them one thing though – Thanks for Mike Shanahan and Joe Woods. Hopefully add the next crop of coaches to the list.

Graham — Like: Rod Woodson. Woodson was one of the better former NFL players that appeared on tv. He was one of the few that didn’t really drive me nuts. I never saw Woodson play, but recording 20 forced fumbles and 71 Interceptions is A LOT. Love: Amari Cooper. Even though he is a current rival, I still love the way he plays. Note: even though I love Cooper’s game, he’s a Raider. I hate the Raiders. Blah. Hate: Warren Sapp. While a great defensive tackle, Sapp was THE most annoying person I’ve seen on sports television. My finger was always on the channel change button when he showed up on my tv.

Jason – Despised: Marcus Allen—felt like the Broncos could never tackle this RB. Seemed to get the better of their defense so many times, it felt as if we weren’t even playing anyone on D when he took the rock. Hated: Bill Romanowski—unfortunately tied to the Broncos as well as this crappy team. Double-talk is his game, playing both sides of the field when it comes to the fanbases. He doesn’t talk trash about the Raiders when on Broncos media outlets, but as soon as a Raiders media base talks to him he’s Pro-Raiders and screw everyone else, bashing the Broncos every chance he gets. Oh, and a real P.O.S. on the field as well. Can’t say “liked” but glad he only played a couple years against us: Bo Jackson—What a freak of nature he was, the ultimate athlete who was great at two professional sports. Like our TD, he had his career cut short due to injury, who knows what he could have done barring that.

Jules — Before there was JJ Watt, there was Howie Long. The only Raider I’ve ever loved. Don’t hate me, but the same reasons why I love JJ, apply to Long even though he terrorized Elway. John Madden, because without him, we wouldn’t have Madden football or the fierce hatred towards the Black Hole. They’d have been the Chargers without him. Jerry Rice. Wherever he donned a uniform, he’s their player I love. Everyone else, is on my hate list.

Kevin — Love/Like:  Kenny Stabler, scrappy. I simply hate how his family has been dissed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Bo Jackson, you hate anyone being robbed of a career like that. Even a Raider.  John Madden, he’s easily in the top 5 in the world of those that love football. A national treasure.    Hate/Dislike: Charles Woodson, Screw that undeserving  (Radio Edit).   Charles Woodson again. Enjoy your gift.


Stuart — Shannon Sharpe – LOVE My all-time favourite player and person. Hes my favourite twitter feed to read when I wake up, he was always the player I copied when I created a player in the Madden series and he’s the 1 jersey I wish I had. Champ Bailey LOVE  Who doesn’t love Champ Bailey. My first jersey, my first wake up mum and dad screaming at the TV as he took Brady’s intercepted pass 100 yards in the playoffs and the first shutdown corner I paid attention to when watching replays of games. I wish you could have a feature where you pick a player and the camera stays on him for 60 minutes – 100% Champ Bailey would be Emmy worthy. Mark Schlereth – LOVE I look at American Football as a sport/hobby that brings me immense emotion whether it be joy or heartache. Mark Schlereth is a hero of mine. When I think of tough guys playing through pain barriers for money or family men working from paycheck to paycheck, there’s only 1 man that springs to mind – Mark Schlereth. When I watched him on America’s Game SB32 my eyes opened to join my mouth at the countless surgeries he put his body through for his family and to keep people like me entertained and the whole time unsure if he would get cut. Tossed aside by the Redskins after being drafted in the 10th round and winning a Superbowl , the Broncos snapped him up and he won 2 more. He’s made a career for himself after football which is a credit to him and his hard work ethic.

Jules— Except for a couple players here and there, I’ve LOVED every single Bronco, ever. How to pick three? I’m going to chose a past, recent past and current. John Elway is easy. While Broncos Country acts like children deciding level of fandom based on whether or not you want “their” QB, Elway is the only barometer. He IS the Broncos. If you don’t love him, not sure you’re a real fan. That’s my criteria. Aqib Talib. If my team is losing and I had to pick one player to rally the troops, he’s it. I adore his kicking and screaming passion. I adore he walks the sidelines and riles up the fans and players. I adore he plays right on the borderline between fierce and dirty. Love/hate, Lyle Alzado. He played like he looked, a wild bushman found in the jungles. The same bizerk behavior that he showed in Denver, he took to Oakbarfland, which why the hate part.

Graham — Rod Smith. Arguably the greatest undrafted receiver of all-time, Smith was always exciting to watch. He own a ton of team records, including career receptions (849), receiving yards (11,389), and career receiving touchdowns (68). Since retiring in 2008, Smith went into the coffee business. That’s quite the change. Love it! Love: Champ Bailey. Truly a shutdown corner. The CB’s best season for interceptions came in 2006, when he snagged 10 of them. No team wanted to ever throw in his direction, for the fear of being intercepted. That’s really quite the compliment for a corner. Only once did he fail to catch a ball for an entire season in his NFL career: his last season in the NFL (2013), when he only played 5 games. Hate: Jay Cutler. Hate that Cutler won us a playoff game. It’s crazy that he was the best quarterback in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft. He didn’t live up to it. Hate that he cried his way out of Denver, but at the same time, if he didn’t then we would have never gotten Peyton Manning. So, thank you, Jay Cutler!

Jason  – Denver F’n Broncos—Picking just three is quite cruel! LOVED all these players, so will just go A, B, and C. A: The Duke John Elway—He was my first QB to watch living in Thornton, saw his 1st season and remember my Dad telling me that the media wanted his head for being as bad as he was. In his wisdom, though, he told me “Watch out, though, because he’s REALLY good, and will be better next year.” Truer words never said, and he never let me down after that. B: HOFer Terrell Davis—Really the last piece of the puzzle to getting the Broncos and John Elway to the promised land of winning not one, but two Super Bowls. 2000 yard season, and best rushing number of any running back in the playoffs ever. Truly a gifted RB that deserves all of the accolades coming his way. Mile High Salute! C: (wanted to do a tie here but thought that would be a cop out) Rod Smith—Unfortunately, will probably never get the recognition nor a gold jacket, but all this man ever did was win, catch passes, and play so hard whenever he was in the game. Tough as nails and so fast, although watching him play it never appeared that he had to struggle to be quick. One of the surest pass catchers I’ve ever seen play. Him and Eddie Mac are my all-time favorite WRs I watched play for us.

Kevin — Love/Like: Al Wilson, hated that his career got cut short. Everything you wanted in a MLB.  Von Miller, I love how he’s matured and grown over the years, and still has fun like a kid.   Peyton Manning, nothing needs to be said.  Hate/Dislike:  Gary Kubiak, simply not a fan of him as a HC and I’ll stop there and be kind.  Bill Romanowski,I’ll copy and paste from Rodney Harrison above:  walking, talking piece of garbage, as dirty as they come. (*he’s on my list of the ones I couldn’t stand, too*)


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