Vance Joseph continues the, “As the QB Turns” narrative.


Before we address the talk of the town, here’s an update on injuries: Menelik Watson, will be back tomorrow and he should play Thursday. Todd Davis with the sprained shoulder, probably won’t play against Chicago. TJ Ward won’t play against Chicago. As of now, that’s pretty much it.

As everyone waited with baited breath, Head Coach Vance Joseph announced a starting QB for the Thursday game against the Chicago Bears. As some wept tears of joys and others grimaced in defeat, he leveled the playing field by also announcing that the other one would start the following week. He also emphatically said, “NO”, a dozen times when asked if Trevor had the leg up. He explained that since Trevor had taken the first team reps for Day 1 of OTAs and TC, he would do the same for Chicago. This continues the rotation that has been going on all off season.

“He’s been first (taking Day 1 reps) all training camp and he’s been first out (taking Day 1 reps) all spring. It’s an open competition. The games matter. The games start Thursday. I want to get to the games so we can get to the bottom of this.” Coach, if there’s one thing Bronco fans can agree on, this is it.

On Lynch starting against San Francisco,”that’s been our deal. One day Trevor plays, the next day Paxton plays. In between practice day, they rotate drills. The following week versus San Francisco, Paxton will start.”

Since San Francisco is nine days after the Bears, he didn’t elaborate on how that game would be made up, but he did for Chicago. “It’s going to be a mix of both. Obviously, when the first guy leaves, we’re going to keep some ones in just to keep the offense intact so the guy can play his best. To answer your question, yes. They’ll be in with ones and twos.” Trevor Siemian will start with the ones and then some of the first team will be kept in the game for Paxton Lynch.

This could be a way to ease Lynch into taking the starting position. He will get some ones in Chicago, but he’ll be facing Chicago’s second team defense. Siemian will most likely see a lot of the second team defense, as well, since most teams don’t use many starters week one. Then, in SF, Lynch will have all the ones against the first defense. Week 2 and 3 are the games most teams play their starting rosters for a quarter or maybe a half, depending on the coach.

On paper, the SF game should be tougher because it’ll be all starting defense; however, who knows what shape their D is in? I’d guess tougher than Chicago’s second string, though. This will lead to Green Bay and that starter will be it.

Moving past the soap opera concerning, The Days of Our Lives QB talk, Garett Bolles, “has earned the right to start the game”. He’s been the starting guy all the time, so he will keep starting in practice, too. Am I glad I was wrong on this one. It’s not often a rookie LT starts in the NFL.

Brendan Langley being the second right corner on the depth chart, “Yeah, right now. Again, the games will make a determination of who moves up and who moves down. Watching practice from the spring until now, he’s the second corner—the second right corner.”

As far as the depth chart, it’s a “starting point” and that some positions need to list a starter even though a few are considered starters based on the package.  “It’s just part of the process. The final depth chart will be out versus the Chargers. That’s the one that really matters. The rest, it’s a depth chart. Somebody has to go first, second and third.”  This applied to Virgil Green and Bradley Roby, too. “When you’re in two tight ends, who’s the starter? When you’re in three tight ends, who’s the starter? When you’re in sub with Roby, is he a starter or not? Situational football is just a part of our package. Tight end wise, they’re all starters. Roby is a starter. That’s where the depth chart can be a little sticky.”

Hey, Broncos Country, “We’re going to have a five receiver set” and 3 TE sets, sure sounds a lot like 2012. Joy! You get a pass and you get a pass and you get a pass and we also ran 1,832 yards.

Isaiah McKenzie was named the starting punt returner, “He’s the guy right now. He was drafted for that position. He’s proven he can do it and I feel really good about Isaiah being that guy.” Cody Latimer is competing to be a kick returner and the third wide receiver, Cody has, “worked hard as a gunner first of all. He can be an All-Pro gunner. He’s so big and fast. That’s a huge deal to have two receivers, with Latimer and Fowler, as dominant special teams players. That’s rare…Again, if we’re in three receivers, who’s the starter? If we’re in four receiver sets, which we are going to be, who’s the starter? We’re going to have a five receiver set, who’s the starter? Those guys all have their role and who plays where, that’ll happen in the future.”

You know those 1,800 yards? Here’s the 411 on the running backs, Jamaal Charles will play sometime during the preseason, but he wouldn’t say when. Booker is second on the depth chart because he was there before his injury and Stevan Ridley is healthy and looking good, “He rushed for 1,200 yards on his own. We only have two guys in the room that have really done that. That’s Ridley and Jamaal. I’m not surprised that he’s playing well.”

A passing and running game? Be still my heart.

See the full presser below.


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