Siemian starts PSwk1, Lynch starts PSwk2, what does it mean? Who knows!

Today it was announced that incumbent 3rd year QB Trevor Siemian will start the first preseason game vs the Chicago Bears, while 2nd year QB, Paxton Lynch, will start the second game vs. the San Francisco 49ers.  Personally, I’m sick and tired of the quarterback talk and all of the ignorance, insults and hypocrisy that comes from the “stans” (both sides), which for the record, is one of the lamest words in existence.  I wish the powers to be would name a starter just so that part of the moronic debate and drivel would be over.

With that out of the way, what does this announcement mean? Who really knows. Time well tell because historically, Weeks 1 & 4 in the preseason is a throw-away game. Starters in some cases don’t even dress for it. Some coaches have treated week 2 the same way.  At the end of the first two preseason games we might have a decent set of comparable snaps, film and stats, to look over and we might not. It will be all but impossible to have an apples to apples look at things, simply because of the variables that will be different.

Even if Mike McCoy said that QB1 in any given game is going to run 20 snaps, and these are the 20 plays we are going to run no matter the situation, it would be closer to apples to apples than most, but still not the same with the various opponents and D&D/situations that each play might face.  You can’t approach a game like that, because the 5th play vs. Chicago might be 1st& G from the 7 yard line and the 5th play vs San Francisco might be 2nd & 8 from the -28.  You can try to keep things similar, but it’s essentially an impossible task.  Even if you said each QB gets the first Half. Time of possession, and success/failure can dictate how many plays one runs vs the other.

A review of the past 5 years and QB1 work in the first/second pre-season games and a look of what McCoy did during San Diego as well.

Week 3 is generally the week that starters for both teams see most of their action. Some call it the dress rehearsal and even then it’s not a full game or equal to Week 1 in the regular season.  As you see above, Mike McCoy sat Philip Rivers in week 2 the past two seasons. This chart isn’t the fairest of comparisons.  Even with Peyton Manning coming to a new team, and technically having a new OC in three of his four years in Denver, he was a first-ballot Hall of Fame QB when he walked in the door.  Rivers himself is targeting towards Canton and in the least, is an  established QB and they need less snaps than most.  Comparing the Denver #’s it’s easy to see that both John Fox and Gary Kubiak  put more of an emphasis on the 2nd pre-season game from a QB1 perspective.

We will have to sit back and see the number of snaps each guy gets.  The decision might be made after game 2 and the bulk of the work for game 3 will go to QB1, but that might not be the case and the workload might be divided there, as well.  In a previous press conference (possibly pre-camp) Vance Joseph said that the decision will come down to the end. Maybe that’s the plan all along, but in my opinion the sooner the starter is named, the sooner they can get the bulk of the reps and hopefully some of the social media madness will end, but we know better than that.

In the end, each set of “stans”, God, I hate that word, will spin, spin, spin and grab every desperate pebble they can to sling at the other side.  I live in North Carolina, this dead-horse debate reminds me of Duke (alphabetical) vs. North Carolina, it reminds me of politics, the Presidential elections and it flat out sucks. When you take into consideration that this is not basketball power/rival vs basketball power/rival or Democrat (alphabetical) vs Republican, but one fan-base that is divided over two young, yet to be established quarterbacks, it’s just simply mind-numbing.

Time will tell!


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