Ron Leary, “has to be the deepest running back room in the league.”


It’s good to hear what vets have to say who have played in a great unit before. The Dallas Cowboys have one of best O-Lines in the league, so his insight is one worth listening to. One thing that OLs need is cohesion, consistency and this line hasn’t had it. When asked that, “I think it’s all a work in progress. We have a lot of moving parts…since the beginning of camp with guys being out and things like that. We’re making progress as a group. It’s giving other guys the opportunity to get better and to get reps. I think everybody is just looking forward to getting out there on Thursday and playing a real game.”

While the group isn’t set, at least it’s as physical as the defense and CJ Anderson have been saying, “I definitely see it. That’s just something that will come more with the confidence we gain in each other, our game and the playbook. Once we really get the playbook down 100 percent, we can play a lot faster. When you play faster, you’re a better player. We been making progress in that direction. I don’t think anyone is satisfied and we’re just going to keep working.”

With so many different running backs and styles he was asked if it matters how they block,  “I don’t think it matters at all…we have a great, deep running back room. It has to be the deepest running back room in the league. As an o-line, we just try to focus on our blocks, make sure we stay on them and be really sticky with our blocks. Any one of those backs can make the cut and make the big run, so that’s kind of on us.”

When it comes to who is taking snaps behind him, he has the same opinion, “No, it’s pretty much the same. Both of their voices are a little different from each other. Other than that, it’s really on us. Honestly, I don’t know who is under the center sometimes. I just focus on the play and just try to execute my block. I think that’s what the whole line does. When we do that, we trust the QBs to make the right decision.”

In case you’re a new fan or been living away from the press, our OL got shredded by the world, which is why he was asked how they feel, “I think it’s just everybody wants to get better. Everybody knows what has been said about them the last couple years. They’re not satisfied with it. I can see that every day. Everybody is just trying to come out and focus on one thing to get better at. I think as we continue to do it individually, as a group, we’ll get better. That’s kind of where we’re at right now.”

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