Phrase of the Day: Hook & Lateral

The phrase of the day is  “Hook & Lateral”. A hook & lateral is a trick play where a wide receiver (in most cases) runs a simple hook route 8 to 10 yards down the field and the QB drills him with it. If the timing is right and the play isn’t disrupted, then the WR pitches the ball to a RB (again in most cases) that is trailing him.   On paper it looks like the RB is running a wheel route. At the snap of the ball, he runs an arc that is just outside of the hook route. If the defense isn’t paying that close of attention then the offense can end up with a big play.

You will notice the ghosted images of three of the players. The solid QB/RB/X are where they are at the snap. The ghosted version is  where they are later in the play. The other 3 receivers TE/Z/Y run routes that take defenders to the  other side of the field.  The RB hopes to slip out of the backfield unnoticed. In the very least if the play hits a snag the team hops for 8-10 yard gain and a possible first down.

They aren’t run often but when they do, they tend to catch the defense off guard.


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