Phrase of the day: Toss Sweep

The phrase of the day is “Toss Sweep”. A toss sweep is a running play in which the RB take a toss from the QB and runs around the edge/end of the LOS.  It can be run from nearly every formation, though the I formation and single back sets are generally the most popular versions.

The version on the left is from the Ace formation and to the weak side of the offense. The offensive lineman are all “reach blocking” which is taking a 45° angle step to the playside and blocking the first person that crosses their face.

The version in the middle is from the I formation, is to the strong side of the offense and shows both guards pulling and leading around the edge with the FB filling the hole left by the left guard.

The version on the right is from the shotgun formation and is also to the weak side of the offense.  The OL is again, utilizing the reach block. In this case the QB takes the snap from the center and gives  quick toss over to the back who then heads around the edge.


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