Vance Joseph on team message, ‘Live everyday like it’s your last. Football, life, let’s do it right.’


On the injury front, Menelik Watson “has a strained hip muscle or ab muscle. He’ll be back probably Tuesday in practice. He won’t go Monday, but he’ll be in Tuesday ready to play on Thursday.” TJ Ward has a, “minor hamstring injury. He probably won’t play against Chicago. Our time frame for TJ is after Chicago versus San Francisco during the practice week.”

The defense has been saying they’ve upped their run defense, Head Coach Vance Joseph agrees, “I liked the run defense. It was really stout. It was really sound. I like the pass protection by offensive line. It was solid for the most part. Those were some things that I was impressed by.”

What ticked him off was penalties on the offense, particularly the one by Don Stephenson, his message was, “Be smart. It was our best play up to that point in the entire scrimmage, then we get a nonsense penalty of pushing the back after the play. He blocked his guy, he did his job. The play is over. Don’t be selfish and get a penalty and back us up by 15 instead of being up 20.”

Broncos fans may disagree with Vance’s take on the QB play today, but he did think they were solid; however, he spoke twice the penalties, “We make our best play, we get past the 50-yard line for the first time, and we get a push in the back. We get a holding penalty on the touchdown pass. I didn’t like those penalties. What I saw from Trevor was very consistent with his ball placement. He made the correct reads, most of the time. He had one ball knocked down. Not his fault. He was very solid. Paxton, outside the interception, was very solid. Again, his best play of the day was brought back by a penalty. That would have been a pretty good drive from Paxton in my opinion. The penalty negated it and brought it back. But very solid for both guys.”

When asked about the interception Chris Harris, Jr. made, “He held the ball too late in that play. He had a guy open in the flat early on, but he held the ball, held the ball, held the ball. It’s a time clock thing. As you hold the ball, the defense recovers. They did get the ball.”

Chris Harris, Jr was asked about that interception and his take was different, which is funny. “My man ran a vertical, I kind of left him, let him go and jumped the route. That’s called, route recognition. I’m just at that level of smart to be able to let my man go and be able to jump routes.” Lynch holding the ball for the deep pass over the short, had nothing to do with it? I’d say split the difference.

He wanted to see some physicality from the team and got it, “Today was a controlled scrimmage. Especially for the ones and twos. Thursday in Chicago, that’s when the true evaluation starts for a lot of positions. Everyone was engaged. They wanted to play well today. It was physical without tackling for the first two groups. The third group actually tackled. So that was fun to see those guys play. Even though it’s preseason, you get a chance to get a fair evaluation of the players. That’s a live-like environment. It’s not controlled. You want to see how guys react when they’re tired, when they’re hurt and obviously against a different opponent. I’m excited about Thursday to see how the young guys go out and play football so we can find out the best guys for our football team.”

I credit the Bronco Burger Matt Paradis helped create for BurgaBox on getting him back quickly, “He is progressing fast. He felt fine this morning to play four or five plays, so we allowed him to play. Again, the first two units were controlled environments. It was more thud. But for him, it’s live. For offensive linemen, it’s no different than it’s going to be on Thursday for him. I’m proud of where Matt is at right now.” FYI, In Trevor’s presser, he praised Matt and is glad he’s baaack.

Kasim Edebali has “been consistent. He plays hard. He’s obviously a good rusher. That’s why we signed him. He’s been more engaged” sine they lost both Shane Ray and Shaq Barrett. Adam Gotsis has. “bounced back…He came back today and played well. He’s had a great spring. He’s had a great camp. Keeping him healthy is obviously a must for us so he can show us what he can do.” On OLB Vontarrius Dora taking first team reps with Ray and Barrett, the team is trying to find the best player opposite Von for week 1, so they started Vontarrius Dora today. “Who’s the best player opposite of Von? We don’t know yet.” He said DeMarcus Walker, “has had some good days. Dora has had two good days. Yesterday was really good for him. Today was physical and tough. Edebali is in the mix, too.”

VJ had Inquoris “Inky” Johnson speak to the team last night to give them a perspective, “Inky Johnson was amazing last night. If you know his story, he was going to be a top-two draft pick in the NFL and one sideline routine tackle and he’s paralyzed. His whole right side is paralyzed. He’s a powerful speaker. I had chills last night. He and I talked about his story. His story wasn’t all about football. It was about being a man, being the best you can be at life, also. So it was a great message for our players last night. You want guys who mimic your message. My deal with the players every day is, ‘Live everyday like it’s your last. Football, life, let’s do it right.’ And that was Inky’s message last night.”

Garett Bolles didn’t let anyone touch his quarterback, “so he probably did his job.” Let’s not talk about the other side. Get well quick Menelik and Ron!


Lil’ Crawfish Isaiah McKenzie, “He’s a guy that can catch the ball. That’s critical as a punt returner. We’ve all seen guys that are really, really fast, but can’t catch the football. He can catch the football. I trust him to be our guy Week 1 against the Chargers. He’s the punt returner. That’s why he was drafted. He’s the first guy out. He won the position.”


See the full presser below.


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