Trevor Siemian, “the more live reps I get, I’m getting more comfortable in this scheme.”


Broncos’ Trevor Siemian is hoping to secure the starting quarterback job, while competing with first-round pick Paxton Lynch. In 5 days, the Broncos get to compete against somebody other than each other, when they face the Bears. “… I think at this point in camp you’re going back and forth so much,” Siemian said. “… It’ll be good to against some new faces for sure I think.”

Siemian said the scrimmage from today wasn’t different than any other practice. “Not for quarterbacks, it’s not like we’re getting hit. It was good moving the ball and marking the ball and moving personnel groups in and out. It’s good to get a feel for those things in real time. That’s one of those things we really hadn’t done to this point …”

Asked about the competition between him and Lynch, Siemian says he isn’t distracted and he focuses on his own game.“I really don’t think about it too much to be honest with you,” he said. “I try to do my job, be a good teammate when I’m in there, get the group running well, move the ball and whatever happens, happens.”

Siemian knows that practicing against the Broncos defense is a huge advantage. “I wasn’t unhappy with my performance,” he said. “I just think I’m a ‘slappy’ in general (laughing). … I’m really kind of feeling the rhythm …I’m very lucky to be practicing against our defense because this is as hard as it’s going to get for us. We’re getting there.”

To have a long, successful career, player and coaches must be consistently good at their job. Siemian doesn’t see a ceiling for consistency. “…I think consistent is a pretty relative term especially as a quarterback because you do things better on every play. Nobody is more critical of myself than me.”

He practices against the No Fly Zone everyday I practice, so he gets to face the best of the best on a daily basis. “Anything you pour so much into physically, mentally and emotionally, and it doesn’t work out, your first reaction is, ‘Dang, why isn’t this working?’ You take a step back and cool down. …”

Siemian, along with the Broncos offense, underperformed in 2016. The quarterback knows he has to get better with every snap he takes.
“I just think I know more who I am as a player after playing in live games. For me, I want to improve and add value to this team. …”

Siemian said that the area he has improved the most on is third down scenarios. “Situationally for me—third downs, seeing those exotic pressures. I think we’re getting more of them this camp. Just taking care of the ball when we get down in the red zone and being smart with it. I think this scheme allows us to get the ball downfield when we need to.”

The Broncos ‘D’ has given the offense fits in practice. “They’re just all good across the board—the secondary, linebackers are really instinctive and then the scheme. They’re mixing it up quite a bit this year with Coach Woods. You never really know what you’re getting. … It makes it tough no doubt.”

Learning a new offense is one of the most difficult things for an NFL player, especially quarterback. Siemian said the toughest part for him was, “I think just pre snap, having an idea. … You get your protections lined up, get your eyes in the right spot and then just play fast.”

Siemian will get his first chance at competing against a new defense when the team plays the Bears on August 10. Siemian will try to impress the coaches with the opportunities he is given. “I want to be as good as I can with the reps I get, whenever they are. I want to move the ball, take care of the ball and score some touchdowns.”

The additions the team made during the offseason were brought in to improve from a poor 2016 campaign. The biggest change? The offensive line. “I think the one big one was Allen, getting him late and getting him caught up with cadences and what we’re trying to do—adjustments and checks,” said Siemian.

Center, Matt Paradis, missed time due to hip problems. Siemian commented on how much of an impact having Paradis back in practice. “It’s huge. He’s awesome. As a quarterback, he makes your job pretty easy especially in this scheme with little points and directional calls. I leaned on him a lot last year …”

2017 is Bill Musgrave’s first season as the team’s QB coach. Siemian told the media how much he’s learned from the coach: “Quite a bit. For me as a quarterback, you just want to be exposed to a bunch of different philosophies, kind of see what you think like and pick up whatever you can.”

Siemian says there’s quite a difference between Musgrave and former Broncos QB coach Greg Knapp. “He’s a contrast personality wise from Knapper. … Bill is obviously super bright and done a lot of good things around the league.”

Gary Kubiak had to step down as Broncos head coach after the 2016 season, but recently was hired as the team’s Senior Personnel Advisor. Siemian’s schedule was loaded, so he wasn’t able to meet with his former head coach, but acknowledges that it was a great thing that Kubiak was out there.

“I saw him out here when we were practicing so I didn’t get a whole lot of time to talk to him. It was good to see him, he looked good. I figured he’d have a beer in his hand out here (laughing). It was good to see him for sure.”

Siemian’s goal is to win the quarterback competition, and will aim to do everything he can to win the job.


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