Here’s why NOT to panic over the QB play.

For many in Broncos Country, today was a freak out over what they saw/heard in the scrimmage. Neither Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch scored. Lynch had two good passes called back for penalties, while he also held the ball too long and forced a pass for an interception.

He went 0-5 in one stretch. Siemian did better, had a touchdown called back for penalty, he had more completions and no interceptions, but the third year quarterback only had one first down. He looked better than Lynch because Lynch didn’t do well.

Sounds kind of dreadful, right? A first round guy not doing better and a guy with three years of practice against this defense not pulling away. It may not be as terrible as you think.  Why?

Despite this, Vance Joseph seemed happy with both guys. Not happy with the interception, but said both quarterbacks were very solid and Lynch had the best play of the game. A week ago, he wasn’t happy with either quarterback and expressed his displeasure, so it’s not as if he’s one to pull punches.

Why his optimism? Maybe, just maybe, he knows more than us. If you’re Mike McCoy who has said several times they’re going to do what they do best, how do you find their best, until you find their worst?

Tom Brady had no touchdowns against Denver last season, even though he was the top ranked QB is many areas last season. Many think he is goat (Elway is GOAT). Despite this, we expect these two guys to come out and do better?

This defense knows them. Knows the playbook and their weaknesses. Their job is to exploit that. How happy would Denver fans be if this defense struggled against 22nd ranked and unranked QBs?

How do you learn? From being perfect? Or from mistakes? As Lynch said in his presser today, you take chances, you learn from your mistakes. You watch film, coaches tell you what you did wrong and you go out there and do better.

The Bears game is when McCoy will put out what he wants to run and see how they do. Against a team that hasn’t practiced against them every day. Von Miller and Derek Wolfe have played together for six years. The No Fly Zone is on their third season together.

This offense is brand new. Somehow Denver fans and media think all this new should go out and dominate this well oiled defensive machine? In 2013, even with Manning, they had some bumps and that defense wasn’t as good as this one.

As Aaron Rodgers said, R-E-L-A-X. Do I forsee a SB win this season? I can hope, but also prepare for the worst. No matter the outcome, if one of two things happen, this season will be a win. One, Lynch starts, has a rocky season like most first time starters have, but by season’s end, he shows improvement. Giving them the momentum going into 2018.

Or, Siemian starts and he finds a way to up his game, become more daring and breaks his ceiling. The only lose for Denver will be if neither QB shows improvement. Until late in the season, we won’t have an answer. Most likely, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, so fasten your seatbelts.

For now, it would be good for our health to take a deep breath and trust John Elway, Mike McCoy, Bill Musgrave and Vance Joseph. They have a plan even if we don’t see it or agree. This is what it means to be a fan, you roll with your team, no matter what. For me, I’m putting on my Broncos shades and looking at this season through Denver orange and blue.

As an added bonus, read here about what it was like for John Elway in his rookie season and beginning years. It wasn’t pretty and often down right ugly, but the heartiest believed and trusted in his talent, even despite his 5 interceptions game.

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