Vance Joseph Day 9 Training Camp, Scrimmage will be, “huge in the evaluation process.”


Head Coach Vance Joseph gave an update on TJ Ward, Adam Gotsis and Todd Davis. Ward has a pulled hamstring, Gotsis has a thigh bruise on his leg that had the knee surgery and Davis a sprained shoulder. Only Gotsis will play tomorrow. If you’re wondering, Jamaal Charles will not participate in the scrimmage tomorrow, but Von Miller will.

Tomorrow’s scrimmage will be called plays, a full football scrimmage, not scripted and it won’t be full contact, “It’s going to be more thud”. The third team may be allowed to hit a little harder.

Since I know you’re waiting with baited breath for QB news, Trevor was consistent, making his reads and putting the ball where the reads told him to. So, a good Trevor day. As far as Lynch, as usual, when he makes a mistake the Denver media ask the coach and/or players about them. It may be why for the last three days, VJ has firmly discounted each inquiry and backed up his QB. Today it was about balls batted down.

“It’s tough. Our d-line does a great job of knocking passes down. Now, how do you stop that from an offensive line’s perspective? You kind of jab him in the gut. We don’t want to jab our own guy. Honestly, that’s how you stop it. Or when the guy jumps, you bang him to the ground. Gameday, you will see that. You won’t see that here. That’s more of how we’re practicing then it is for Paxton.”

Not to poke a nest, but if you ask about mistakes for one, ask about for both evenly. Did anyone ask VJ or defensive players if they spoke with Siemian when he makes interceptions? Or batted balls? Or running during 7-7 instead of throwing? Seriously, come on. Ask for both, good and bad. Give all sides. Derek Wolfe is getting tired of the Denver media, too. Between his twitter and his presser, he’s over them. That should be a clue to do a better job for all players.

Moving on to the OL which will affect anyone who plays, Vance told us who to expect tomorrow: Left to Right, will be Garett Bolles, Max Garcia, Connor McGovern, Billy Turner and Menelik Watson. On where Ron Leary will end up, “I can’t say with Leary. He’s played both left and right. We’re trying to find the two best guys for our football team. We’ve got four to five that can compete for those two spots with McGovern playing center and guard.”

If you’re making a chart on who the third WR will be, sounds like unless Bennie Fowler drops some TDs, the job is his. VJ says it’s competitive, but he knows what to do, he can play all three wide receiver spots because Mike McCoy, “He’s looking for the best guy to be the third receiver to play all three spots. Knowing all three spots, with Mike’s vision, it’s really important not just having a slot guy.”

Scoring points wins games so VJ was happier today, “It got better. We scored two or three touchdowns. That’s critical to our success. You get in that scoring area and you have to score touchdowns… We’re trying to score points and limit the points being scored.” If you’re wondering, Siemian had one, Lynch two and Sloter one.

For the day, Trevor had no interceptions, Lynch had two (one off a tipped pass, one in the RZ), Trevor had 2 TDs, Lynch 3. Vance said tomorrow, you’ll know which QB starts the scrimmage, not before.

After the move the ball period which both QB got them into FG range, Brandon McManus nailed a 73-yard field goal in a drill. At a mile high, but holy smokes, that’s still, holy smokes! If you’re wondering if Joseph would let him attempt one super long, “Of course. Whatever wins games, we’re going to go for it.” That last part, whatever wins games.

See the full presser below.



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