Darian Stewart, “If you’re not having fun playing football, then you’re going to be sick pretty much.”


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARIAN! You won’t see this, but it’ll be out there anyway.

I bet you don’t even need to read this to guess, he was asked about the QBs, so let’s get them out of the way and then move on to what he and the defense does. “Paxton can run. He’s athletic enough to get outside the pocket. Anytime you’re dealing with a dual-threat quarterback, that’s the toughest task. But Trevor, he’s smart, he’s savvy and he’s doing some great things and making the right plays.”

They should just make a recording and play it before each presser. “Hi, my name is, fill in the blank, Trevor is smart and savvy and Paxton is a dual threat. I think both are swell and I’ll be swell with either one because both, are, you know, swell.”

In another shocker, Stewart thinks the defense is winning. “The defense is definitely winning. They’ve broke some good runs and they have great vision amongst all four of them. I definitely consider us winning since we started camp. I’m excited about what we have and we’re going to do some great things this year.”

In case you missed it, TJ Ward left with a pulled hamstring, “Other guys are going to have to step up. We know what type of player TJ is and what he means to this defense. Right now, we have to rock with the ones who are out there and those guys are going to have to step up and play big for us.”

Although it’s his birthday, he won’t be eating any cake, “I’m on a diet. As much as I love sweets, I have to stay away from it for a while. I’m just working, that’s it. Another off day.”

Today was a rest day for Von, which didn’t mean resting from dancing and having fun with the crowd, “That’s a dancing machine, he was dancing all practice, but that’s Von. That’s his personality, you have to love it.”

Stewart is the quiet one in the No Fly Zone, heck, of most of the defense, so he was asked what it is like to be around all of them, “It makes your job a lot easier; you love coming to work. You just relax and are just having fun. If you’re not having fun playing football, then you’re going to be sick pretty much.” It’s refreshing to have a player who doesn’t use the words, I, me, my a hundred times.

Whomever asked about De’Angelo Henderson and Isaiah McKenzie, thank you, it’s a nice break from inane QB questions. Next can you ask about which TE is tougher to cover? I’d love if we could have one who needs you and a LB. Also, like his answer because Devontae Booker’s one flaw has been his lack of vision, “I love what they’re doing. Henderson’s vision is great; I love how he runs the ball. With Isaiah, he’s going to help us in the punt return game. I’m excited about both of those players.”

Middle linebackers Todd Davis and Brandon Marshall have been playing with Stew for three years, “If they’re doing their job, then we’re successful. The communication is there… We trust those guys to be where they’re supposed to be and they’ve been doing a good job.”

Baby No Fly (Will Parks and Justin Simmons ) is the Next Gen, so it’s good to hear this, “They’re playing with a lot of confidence this year. The scheme is similar to last year so they’re able to catch on to it quicker. They’re going to play big for us, I see them making a lot of plays on special teams and defensively.”

See Darian’s full presser below.



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