CJ Anderson, “We have a lot of depth in our room and we don’t miss a beat. That’s our whole goal. We just push each other to make us better every day.”


On what makes Head Coach Vance Joseph a great motivator
“Kind of what [DE Derek] Wolfe just said. He is a player’s coach. He understands what’s going on. He understands certain parts of things that are going on in practice, what we need to be at the right time. It’s just good to have someone out there like that.”

Denver has kept five backs before on the roster, read here, so it’s conceivable with injuries and all, four of the guys below, plus Andy Janovich could all make it. However, with Bernard Pierce injured, he and Juwan may not make the 53, “From Bernard Pierce to Stevan Ridley, a 1000-yard back in this league, Jamaal Charles who is one of the tops and he’s trying to prove that again, to myself—I’m still grinding. You have Juwan who’s been in this league for four years. Then you add on De’Angelo Henderson. You still have (RB Devontae Booker) ‘Book’ who is still a really good player. We have a lot of depth in our room and we don’t miss a beat. That’s our whole goal. We just push each other to make us better every day.”

Defense says they’re balling, offense says, no us…hmm. “They’re doing a really good job. Their linebackers are running completely different than what they did last year. That’s something I said in the very beginning of camp. But, we’re running the ball effectively. We’re finding the right spots. We’re picking the right spots. I guess we’ll see tomorrow if that holds up to be true.” Yes, we will, an unscripted day, yay!

On the impact of having playmakers on the outside, “It’s just huge. We have two big time players on the outside. When you want to bring that extra guy in the box because you’re running the ball so well, that makes us feel good as backs, whether it’s myself, Jamaal Charles, Booker or Stevan Ridley. Backs who have the opportunity to make big plays and to bring an extra guy in the box to open up the outside is huge.”

One name we’re hearing a lot of is, “Lil Crawfish”, Isaiah McKenzie, “He’s fast. That’s another thing that we were talking about. Speed kills. He’s as fast as he can be. Having that mobility, you can put him anywhere or line him up anywhere, and he can make plays anytime. He’s a homerun threat. If we put him in the right position to make those plays, his talent will flourish.”

The OL is much better because, “Scheme—just pure scheme. There were players that we drafted in this scheme that are playing now and have the opportunity…That’s just the complete difference. We brought in Menelik for this scheme. We brought in Ron Leary who did a little bit of both over there in Dallas. I think scheme fits our o-line really well.”


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